Is my Anki Layout good? Worrying over layout too much

I’ve been unable to add cards to my Anki deck as I keep worrying over the format too much,
for example should I add a text-box that conditionally appears if it’s a kanji word asking for the kana?

I dunno if I should have a single word on the front, or use sentences to keep context. I’m scared I might just remember the sentences instead of the actual kanji/word.

At the moment you can hover over the words to reveal the furigana early, this is just for words with Kanji I haven’t learned through WaniKani yet that I want to srs, is this a bad idea?

I just want the most effective study possible :relaxed:


You know anki better than me. :blush: I don’t know how I can make my front card’s font size bigger (the kanji/vocab question) than the back card (the answer).

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I think the best layout is the one that works for you. There’s likely always going to be something to change to make it a little better but I wouldn’t worry so much. If what you’re using is working then keep it. I haven’t used my own deck in a while but here’s what I’m using, and it works great for me.


I also have a layout for the reading of the word as well as meaning but it looks nearly the exact same so I won’t bother posting it.


Hi Elliot!

I’m by no means suggesting that you stop using Anki, but I was wondering if you’ve heard of a website called Kitsun? It’s also a flashcard SRS that allows you to customize layouts, and there’s lots of new features in the works. If you wanna check it out, here’s the thread:

At any rate, you might also find this video by Leebo helpful. In it, he talks about how to make good flashcards, or the common pitfalls to avoid.


I know there’re people here that have lots of experience related to customizing Anki cards… myself I’m super fond of my own. But looking back, If I wasn’t that attached to the way my cards look now I would go with a simpler and more efficient way (which is probably the only way I see Anki surviving more than 2 years in my life :thinking: )

I would strive to AUTOMATE the creation of cards almost from the get go.
Yomichan has a function to do this (so when readingon the web or watching shows with subs on Netflix for example you could make the cards right there) and even more I would try to set up an e-reader device (Kindle for example) to also create cards on the go, or at least make the transfer from reading to vocab reviewing as expedited as possible.

I’ve made a routine for putting WK vocab into use ASAP … but overall reviewing vocab it’s much more effortless when I can relate it to the place, show or story from which it came from… hence the worth of really make vocab reviewing closely related to immersion.:+1:

All the options are pretty good and have their own minor downsides. Try whatever appeals to you most, and if it feels like it’s not working as well as you’d like try a new format for new cards.

Personally I like sentences for vocab and cloze for grammar that doesn’t stick well enough with sentences.

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