Is it normal to get so few reviews?

So I’m a bit new to WaniKani (just bought the Lifetime Subscription in the winter sale) and I was wondering whether it is normal to get so few reviews.

I consistently do my reviews within an hour of them becoming available and I spread them over the day so that I only do 5-10mins a session (avg, 3-5 sessions a day). Today, however, I’ve been going through a bit of a dry spell. I have completed four sessions of reviews today, but what’s weird is that each session has contained one kanji/vocabulary to review (discounting one 5 kanji session from the morning).

Is this something I should be worried about? Or does it simply compliment my memory? :joy:
Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated!


The number of reviews you get is mostly dependent on how many items are still stuck in the lower SRS stages (Apprentice mostly). Doing lessons increases the load and causes you to get more reviews. So usually it’s possible to get at least a sizable workload.

It might be possible that you just lack 1 kanji or so before leveling up, in which case there are no lessons available and the reviews would slowly start to die down until you get the final kanji right.

Then again, Wanikani starts relatively slow, then picks up pace fast. I would say to enjoy the days with few reviews while you can, if you keep doing them you’ll eventually reach a point where you have so much work you’ll have to slow down. :grin:


I don’t think it would be that I am close to levelling up, I just levelled up to level 3 a day ago. It’s interesting because I completed WaniKani up to level 3 on another account before buying Lifetime like half a year ago, but I don’t remember it taking so long to receive a new batch of reviews.

The only possibility I could think of would be that I have 40+ ‘things’ (Radicals, kanji, vocabulary) on Apprentice level 4, right on the edge of Guru 1. I suppose this could be why I haven’t received new lessons, but do you think it could really be responsible for this much stagnation?

For level 1 and 2, time between reviews is halved for apprentice stages. Once you reach level 3 you’ll get the normal times between reviews.

Since you levelled up to lvl 3 yesterday, that’ll most likely mean that most items are now at Apprentice 3, they’ll appear in 24 hours instead of the 12 hours you’re used to in lvl 1/2.

Don’t worry though, as you level up this will be compensated by more reviews, both from new levels and returning guru’d items.


If everything is currently in Apprentice 4 and if you did all the lessons at the same time, you might just be on the day before the Guru reviews. That would mean the entire batch will be coming back tomorrow.


I didn’t mean literally “a day ago” (despite be specifically stating it :rofl:), however I believe you are on to something. Upon checking, my items are on Apprentice level 4, therefore I believe I may just be about to get a massive haul of reviews :grinning:.

Exactly, I think that may be the case. Thanks for all your help, I guess I should learn to be more patient :sweat_smile:.


Don’t worry about it. On the later levels those in-between days will be mostly filled with reviews from the previous levels, so you’ll start to notice it a lot less the further you get.

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I used to think like you until… I arrived on the “painful” levels.


you think that’s bad? wait til the painful levels cycle back as burn reviews…


By the way, on the dashboard you can actually see by hour all the reviews scheduled for the next 7 days!

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Update: today I had 30+ reviews and once I completed them I was gifted with 35 glorious lessons. I guess it was simply because they were all on the cusp of guru :joy:.


If you stick with it, someday you’ll be sitting on 600 reviews wondering how you’ll ever get the count back down to zero again…


Within about a month you will look back at your first few weeks longing for all the free time you had before the Crabigator came along. Within your first few months you will be sagging under the burden of reviews, and when you get to the Painful levels you will, indeed, be screaming for mercy.

Enjoy the silence, while it lasts…


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: challenge accepted.

Oh how I long for the days where I thought having 50 reviews was a lot, how naive I was back then. :grin: Now I’ll say it’s a good sign if a level up doesn’t cause me to go over 100 remaining lessons.

You guys are scaring me a little now… :anguished::anguished:

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Don’t be scared but have respect for the challenges you’ll face
– Someone, probably


I’ve only seen 0 lessons / 0 reviews once in the last 8 months. And I paid for that recklessness for the next 6 weeks with massive churn in the middle ranks and hours of reviews every day. Learned my lesson there.


Yeah… That sounds like fun. I shan’t be joining you in that though, I hope (Famous last words).

I will try to continue to stay on top of all my reviews and lessons. Luckily, I consistently get breaks of 15mins or so during the day, so I should be able to spread them out.

Yes. It’s normal. But it ramps up, and it ramps up fast.
Take it easy and let the system work its magic!