Is accuracy this low normal?

my accuracy for kanji is 75%, and my accuracy for vocabulary is 80%. how below average is this because i always see people with averages of 95%+ so i got a little curious. thanks!


I would advice not to compare stats as each and every person has a different learning curve especially when it comes to long-term memory learning. Just take your time, don’t mind your accuracy and focus on understanding the meaning of the words / vocabularies.

But if you absolutely have to have validation, think of it as your school grades. 75%-80% is fairly average and are passing marks, just keep up the learning!


You’re fine. Different people have different accuracy. I wouldn’t worry about it. My average across all 3 is around 85%


I’ve read that for SRS to work best, aim for at least 80% accuracy. You might need to revise your mnemonics and create your own to make it more memorable. Low accuracy for apprentices is normal.

Usually, people with an accuracy of over 95% are overlearning outside WK, like reading books, listening, studying, so they are constantly exposed to the kanji learned.

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What exactly is “overlearning?”


IMHO, it is simply exercising the kanji you already know so it further cements the memory. It can be achieved in multiple ways, like reading, listening, or even reset your WK. Many people here also use reverse WK like KaniWani. For example, when you get those new kanji, try reading context sentences and understand it, listen to sentences that use that word, etc. More effort is needed to achieve high accuracy instead of relying upon WK alone.

honestly my average reviews are about 72-74%…mostly due to bad SRS timings (I’m not 20 years old anymore and the spacing is wrong)… and then compound that forgetting or learning things wrong leechy hell…

it just is…try not to look too much at most of the people posting because so few people actually post up the ‘bad’ stuff…you only typically see the I always get 90+% yadda yadda…

if it makes you feel any better these are my stats:

Don’t want to derail but to explain the time chart (have never reset)…just become overwhelmed with leeches couldn’t do any new lessons because at a certain point all the reviews were leeches and it was hell… so was stopping and just doing lessons to try to kill the leeches [WK BUILD A FREAKING PROPER LEECH MANAGER ALREADY!] … the levels in the 20s was doing 5 or so and then had to spend 2-3 months just doing lessons trying to get the leeches to stick making zero progress…after enough of that finally had something that I could average out and right now trying to keep an overall pacing of 40-45 days per level (with the hopes that the leeches don’t take over again)…but only time will tell…

Don’t worry about your accuracy too much if it’s consistent really…if it’s super consistent it’s likely the SRS timings are just off for your own memory…also remember not everyone gets to level 60…lots of people quit…for the record like I’ve said above…I’ve never reset…just keep plugging along slowly…

we really need to see some stats of more people that are going slow and more in the 70-80 for overall accuracy … would help motivate people better instead of I always get 100…barf…good for you but the rest of us are drowning haha


So why refer to it as “overlearning” then? What’s the difference between that and just studying?

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Studying is a vague term. What do you study?
My point is, don’t just use WK only, utilize the kanji learned and get practice outside WK.

Agreed. Leeches are really bad, I always try to keep my leeches low before progressing. WK doesn’t have built-in leech management so you will need to install some script to do it. Obviously, change the mnemonics or story as the current mnemonics don’t help with the memorization.

Many people quit and high accuracy is rare. But very low accuracy would mean something is wrong with the memorization, either the mnemonic used, the story was not strong enough or the media is causing the issue (in this case, the app is to blame and you might need to use another app instead).

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if you search my posts I’ve been complaining about leeches since the beginning as of many others including many level 60 people…I’ve tried all the scripts and so far none have worked…really for me the SRS timings are just off…once I get past Guru1 it all goes to hell…(another place you can see this timing issue is the stats site here)

Wanikani Statistics (

don’t post your API if you post your results

much easier to see after Guru1 how everything just churns and where the burns fail…No joke my avarage burn cycle is 1.2 to 1.5 years!!! This is BAD srs timing… and actually reinforces any incorrect learnings (aka leeches) … need to see them sooner than WK gives them but there’s no option for other SRS timings and no leech managers so we are basically SOL until someone at WK stops playing with the looks of the dashboard and adding more vocab (which will just make more leeches)…

I so grateful that Bunpro actually has a leech manager that you can turn on/off (ghost reviews)…even if it’s not perfect it’s better than nothing and honestly have leeches but with the ghost reviews as part of the regular reviews it’s much easier to manage and so far it’s much easier to handle. Admittedly I do make a lot of ghosts (cuz why not …they seem friendly)…but eventually they die and it generally seems to be ok…


Not the original poster, so this is just my interpretation.

My thinking is the meaning here is ‘overlearning’ beyond the expectations of the SRS interval system. The system is expecting you to only see a specific query only at specific intervals and is optimized to be effective in that vaccuum. Exposure outside of that is ‘more reinforcement than the system expects’, or ‘overlearning’.

I think thats a different connotation to ‘overlearning japanese’. I think learn as much Japanese as you like and more reinforcment can only be better. However, you’ll produce a higher than the expected accuracy than SRS alone.

So i guess ‘overlearning’ is in reference to the evaluation of efficacy of a learning system which expects specific input.

‘Study’ is a general term for time spent learning, or the action of learning. Again, I don’t think the user would ever suggest to limit your study.

Hope that helps!


Thoughts on “overlearning” - the reason it’s called that is opportunity cost. High accuracy indeed suggests that you could widen the SRS intervals to be able to learn more material in the same amount of time.

True, however consider that the time you spend reinforcing could also be time spent on learning new material, etc. Balancing efficiency and enjoyment is a tricky part of any kind of study, so I’m not going to claim that going at max efficiency is necessarily the best plan, but I think it’s a good thing to be aware of.


well said!!

I am studying everyday outside of WK, practice speaking every week, grammar on Bunpro and working with some italki instructors… and of course reading is fun (when it’s not a horrible wall I crash into)… the only reason I haven’t quit WK yet is because I’m still learning…

If you are feeling frustrated, burned out, etc…do something else…put go slower on WK, pick up some manga, book clubs, whatever…find something to keep your interest…

Yeah totally agree!

One thing that’s interesting to think about as well is ‘distress tolerance’. Different people have different levels of distress tolerance for failure states and it tends to sit on a bell curve. While ‘80%’ might be optimal in terms of optimal memorisation, it might be too high of a failure rate to keep a individual motivated. Whereas another individual might need a 30% failure rate to feel appropriately challenged.

Interestingly, people tend to overstate their ‘distress tolerance’, meaning we often need more positive reinforcment to stay motivated than we realise.

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I know that has customizable SRS intervals and is generally a good website

tbh i sorta wish I had discovered it instead of WK because i’m only capable of doing one SRS system at a time and it’s just better lmao

too late to stop now tho lol

There’s a certain accuracy percentage that you should aim to exceed with your reviews, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. Something like 66% or 70% accuracy. If you get below this point regularly, you won’t clear out the items faster than they’re coming back, and it will be hard to progress. If your accuracy is higher than this, you should still be making progress, though you’ll have to put a lot more time and effort into WK than someone with higher accuracy, because you’ll have to do a lot more reviews overall in order to burn the items.

The big trick to increasing your accuracy, I think, is to spend more time on your lessons, and to hit the first two review stages after that very close to their SRS intervals. Some people spend a lot of time looking at the mnemonics when they learn the items and make sure they’re pretty well cemented in their memory (and review their mnemonics when they miss a review). Personally, I drill the new lesson items immediately after learning them by running through the self-study quiz script. After I started doing this, my accuracy increased.

The later stages are a little more flexible than the first few apprentice stages. If you wait a day or two extra on an enlightened stage item, it’s not really going to make much of a difference, but if you wait a day or two extra on a first stage apprentice item (due in four hours), that’s many times the review interval, so you will struggle a lot more to remember that item. Hitting that 4 hour review interval and then that 8 hour one right after will do a lot to increase your overall accuracy on those items.

And yes, exposure to Japanese in native materials or in other forms of study outside WK will also help you remember the items and increase your accuracy, but in my opinion, the two most important things to do if you want to improve your overall accuracy while putting less time into studying are 1) making sure you learn the items well during the initial lesson stage, and 2) hitting the 4 hour review and the 8 hour review intervals as close to those times as possible after doing your lessons.


I don’t really think accuracy % matters anyway. As long as you learn the vocab in end, you still reached the goal. Don’t worry if it takes you 1000 tries to get it right.


I see, thank you!

It’s a pretty neat site!

My only caution for those with low accuracy: beware of your number of daily lesson, as the burden of downgraded items may run over you and induce a burn out. Keep it slow!


Oh that explains why I can maintain my 95% accuracy, though, I wouldn’t call it “overlearning”. I just spend more time in the language that I fell in love for.