Is it supposed to be hard?

so recently in my lessons, I’ve come across old vocab and old kanji and I can’t seem to remember as in the readings even tho I passed them a while back. is this a usual thing? or should I be worried?

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That is completely normal and expected! SRS is about building up those things you forget by having them come up just a bit more often. I use to monitor my accuracy over time. I’d only be worried if my accuracy dropped to something like 70% then I’d know I’m adding too many lessons.


You should be worried if you didn’t come across items you didn’t forget. That’s the strength of SRS, but also something that can make it frustrating: if the SRS is functioning correctly you should always average something like 80 to 90% correct reviews.

If you get nearly 100% every time it means that the SRS is inefficient and gives you the items to review too early. If you get a lot less than that, like 60%, it means that either the intervals are too large (not really possible on Wanikani) or that you’re struggling with something and you need to adjust.