Average Accuracy during reviews?

Hey! So I’m curious as to how often you’re able to accurately go through reviews, especially on items you just learned?

I dunno if I just have bad memory or something, but I’ve found that (even if I go slowly and and go through only a few lessons between reviews) it takes me at least a couple of reviews before I’ll get both the reading and meanings right for some kanji + vocab words. Should this be something I try and improve, or is this just what’s normal?


That´s completely normal imo. I, too, had kind of a rough start not remembering things that well. The most common Kanji / words are often also the most difficult to study. It gets easier over time though, i have a very high review accuracy now with spending like half the amount of time on lessons than in my early levels. You´ll notice a lot of common patterns along the way that will prove helpful.


This is nothing you need to worry about. I always fail the first two reviews but it gets much easier later on, once you get used to all the different readings.


Apprentice accuracy doesn’t matter. For me it can vary between 20% to 100% depending on how tired I was when doing the lesson, how easy the words are, or if I already sort of knew them before. If anything you want your mistakes to be earlier, you’re less likely to mess up minor stuff like rendaku if you screwed it up once.

Where accuracy might matter is around Guru or Master. Terrible accuracy could mean the items don’t stick to your long-term memory very well, and you may have to improve your studying methods somehow. This can be tough when you’re still a beginner. As you understand more of japanese, things will start to “click”, so to say. Your brain will be less like “umm…okay?” and more “oh yeah, that makes sense” during lessons.


My memory is pretty bad too, but you’ll notice it improving even in other areas of your life. I’ve discovered I can now recall things a lot more easily as I’ve kept up my reviews.

Don’t get discouraged- the start is a bit slow and arduous, but as others have said, you’ll notice patterns, like adjectives ending in い or verbs ending in う/る.

Take it slow if you need to, and don’t feel pressured to rush. If you show up for at least your reviews every day, you’ll start retaining them in no time. I do 5 a day if I’m feeling energetic.

And sometimes WK’s mnemonics are just too complex for me to remember! So they provide a space at the bottom to write your own, which I often do. No two people learn exactly the same.

Happy reviewing!

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My accuracy is down 1-2 percent right now because of recently-learned items, just like you described. Two days ago it dumped about a hundred new items on me at once so of course I’m gonna bomb at least half of the readings when i wake up the next day (#`Д´)

These are my stats as of now



I always do a “2 hour” review session, in between first learning a word/Kanji and the 4 hour first review, to make sure I get the words. I particularly focus on making sure I know the radicals and Kanji, while being a bit more relaxed with the vocab. I have 99.5% radical accuracy, 98% Kanji accuracy, and 96% vocab accuracy.

I also use a script that allows me to redo items I had a mistake on. My policy is that for apprentice 1/2, I may let myself slide with messing up a rendaku, while I would force it to be wrong on any higher level. This probably slightly inflates the vocab percent, but I think works well for me learning vocab long term as I usually should have fixed it by the higher apprentices, and if not I must learn it then


One of the things I have noticed, resetting wanikani more times than i wish to admit over the years, is that now that I am starting to have a grasp on Japanese due to studies outside of wanikani, that wanikani is also a lot easier. when I learn a new kanji or vocabulary my mind goes “oh, right, that’s how it is!”. The first time I did wanikani my accuracy was downright abysmal, I believe due to focusing pretty much all my efforts here, instead of experiencing all facets of the language.

It might be hard now, but as with all things in life, it does get easier if you just keep going at it.

You got this, show those reviews who’s the boss! :wink:

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I’ve been getting frustrated as my accuracy has been going down in the last few levels. The 20s really start getting hard.

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I’ve been able to maintain high accuracy levels because I’m going fast I think, so I’m always hitting the SRS reviews when I’m supposed to. No burned items yet though (next week!)


I also had a hard time remembering things when I started out, but like others have said once you get through more levels you start to notice patterns that help so so much. When I try I can average 90% per review, but usually I end up in the 75% range because I rush too much. I’ve also been watching, reading, and listening to more Japanese content so I encounter more words outside of WK which helps me remember them when I do my reviews.

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Ooh, a new stats thread? For anyone that’s asking, go to wkstats.com:10001 to get this.

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I have no problem getting like 50% or lower on the first review. It’s just highlights which items I need to work a bit more on.


I think it’s normal. When I review new items for the first time my accuracy drops to between 50% and 70% (on the review session). But my overall accuracy on WK Stats is still over 90%.

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What in the world. This does not look human… :open_mouth:


Of course not. 761 incorrect reviews total out of 50,000… not buying it. But, I have done double the reviews, and I’m the same level, so…

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I studied Japanese for 3 years in high school and then another 3 in college before doing WK, so I had some prior knowledge coming in. My formal studies were like 5 years ago so I knew maybe 200 kanji when I started. But it definitely helps having some familiarity with some of the vocab at least.

Since about level 10 onwards it’s been like 90% new material for me. In the first 10 levels it was 50% new material, give or take.

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That makes sense. What was it like to have Japanese offered at your high school? From what I hear, there’s not a lot of 漢字 taught in it…

Yeah by the end of the 3rd year in high school we knew maybe 100 or so kanji, so it wasn’t too bad. It took us pretty much the entirety of the first year to get through hiragana and katakana, which should give you an idea of the pace of the class. I ended up being able to use it as a credit for 1st year Japanese in college though, so that was nice.

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That makes me feel relieved that I’m learning on my own. I just miss the grammar knowledge and well-roundedness of my Japanese ability that I might have had if I were in a class, versus basically just WK and a writing supplement with KameSame. I tried Bunpro, but it’s hard to keep up with several resources at once!