[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

What is the testflight beta ??

ok i installed and tried and even with the testflight beta, 値札 keeps geeting back in the review queue as soon as i review it… :thinking:

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Oh no! I guess you’re going to get really good at it until you get to 24!

I think the content update messed something up. I am also now getting 値札 repetitively in my lessons queue even though I have already learned it several times.
I see other users have reported same issue.

That’s weird because now it does not return on my side. I assumed the app updated somehow.

You leveled up to 24, the level which it has been moved to.

Yeahh !! :laughing: :rofl:

Unsure if these features can be added, but here are a few things I’d love to see based on the userscripts I use all the time when studying on desktop:

  • Reorder lessons and reviews (ie pull from a pull of radicals, kanji, or vocabulary, or any combination of the three). When I’m on my phone I’m not looking to do 130 reviews in one setting as I make more typos, etc, so being able to customize the lesson or review session would be amazing.
  • Restrict number of new lessons based on current apprentice pile. If my limit is 150, and I have 125 Apprentice items, only let me do 25 lessons even if I have 98 from levelling up.
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I have been using and loving Tsurukame for the entire time I’ve been doing WK–I recently reset my level back a few to 20 because job stress has turned my brain to soup and I couldn’t remember anything form the last few weeks. After I reset, and after hard restarting the app, tsurukame still has some reviews that are no longer in my pile, and the kanji / vocab pie charts are not accurate for the level I reset to.

To clarify… I currently have 0 reviews on WK’s website, but Tsurukame says I have 68, and they appear to be things from level 20 reset that I have not yet done the lessons for. Then, although I have not done the lessons for any kanji or vocab in level 20, tsurukame thinks I have 6 kanji guru’d, the rest available in lessons. For vocab, it says I have 1 at apprentice III, 93 guru’d, and 20 available in lessons.

I don’t use any userscripts on my own so it’s nothing like that messing something up. I tried ctrl+F’ing this thread, sorry if it’s a duplicate issue. Thanks for your help–I’d hate for my tsurukame to get off-sync with where I’m at and not be able to use it as much.

Have you tried logging out? What about deleting the app and reinstalling? I’ve reset quite a few times and have not had this issue after trying those two things.


No, because I’m dumb and am used to thinking that deleting apps = deleting the data. Unsurprisingly, it did fix the problem. Thanks.

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Great suggestions! Just check out the GitHub links here:


You guys are BOMB. <3 Best app ever!

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This might be a slightly out-there request, but is it possible to implement a feature to flag items for export to a CSV or Anki? For example, things that are often missed and need extra review, or simply seem important enough to review with sentence context, etc.

This is such a great app! I use it everyday. However have come across a bug lately, not sure if you’re aware of it. When using the app offline it just quits in the middle of reviews. Only noticed it happening last few weeks/days. Can no longer use the app offline though unfortunately.

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A crash in the middle of reviews was just fixed four days ago. Could you try using the TestFlight beta? You can find it at the GitHub link in the first post.

I don’t anticipate this in Tsurukame, but you could try this:

Oh nice! Thank you.

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My review piles are getting unwieldy lately. Is there any chance for an “Anki mode” to speed things up?

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