[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

Hi! I was wondering why my stats on AlliCrab are off and if there’s anything I can do to fix it?

Real Stats:


On iOS 11.3, there’s an annoying ‘bug’ when the keyboard dismisses after every review. Are there any plans to fix this? Thank you for the great app by the way!


I would still love to use AlliCrab with the Anki mode script or (even better) having a textfield where I can add my own scripts. So I was trying to build it and deploy it to my own device. But it seems that without a developer account I’m just out of luck, right? I got it to build and run but then it fails with “Can’t find group shared directory for group identifier” and as far as I understood there is just no way around this, not even without using fastlane.
I’m seriously tempted to pay the 99$ for a developer account just for this but that seems very… unreasonable.

EDIT: Never mind, I forgot that I still have a developer account :upside_down_face:

I tried to include a couple of my favorite scripts and these are the results. I’ll be updating this list as time goes on and I test more of them:

Thanks a lot @cplaverty for building this app and making the source code available, it was obviously a lot of work. You can’t imagine how happy I am today. I’m finally going to get rid of my crappy Android device that I had to carry around just to do reviews with the Anki mode :slight_smile:

Let me know if there is anything else I should do. I usually don’t submit Github pull requests and I guess the changes are so simple that it wouldn’t help much but I’d be happy to submit one if it helps.


Saaame :heart_eyes:

Yes, I would love to have this in the app. Is @cplaverty still around??

What about this script?

Didn’t test more than 10 reviews or so but yes, seems to work.

I didn’t include the scripts properly with nice descriptions and links yet but if @cplaverty was interested, I could clean that up and prepare a pull request or something and maybe those scripts could find their way into the beta TestFlight version?

This is driving me mad as I now have to tap into the input box before typing every answer. Input on the iphone keypad is already much slower than typing on my computer, so if it’s not fixed soon, I might end up switching…

Sorry for the extended absence, but I’ve been very short of time lately. I don’t expect this to improve until June at the earliest, so until then AlliCrab is on hiatus.

Apologies to all the people who have mailed me and posted here that I haven’t responded to.


I hope all is well. Best of luck with whatever you’ve been busy with.

Are you going to release version 74 of the beta to Test Flight? I saw you updated the API URL in that version, so I figured I’d check.

PSA: We’re changing the URL for API v2 —you’ll find all your favorite endpoints at https://api.wanikani.com/v2!

The structure of the requests and responses stay the same, so update those base URLs and you’ll be good to go. We’re supporting traffic to the old endpoints for a couple weeks while everyone makes the transition, but we’ll be tearing down the existing URLs on April 18.

That change is in 73, which I released yesterday to TestFlight, and 74 will be the next version. With v3 I’ve started bumping the version number immediately after submitting versions to the store so I can distinguish whether I have a test flight version or a dev version installed on my phone.

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Thanks @cplaverty!

In the beta I got an issue where a jitai font wasn’t displaying for 岐阜. I thought you resolved that bug a while ago, but I guess it’s back.

I thought I’d fixed that too. Will have a look when I get the chance.

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Just happened again but this time with only one of two characters, so I know the font. Hope this helps.

I turned on vacation mode, but the beta version of the app still says I have a bunch of reviews. Not sure if the API is returning the wrong data, but if possible you should show 0 reviews or indicate explicitly that vacation mode is enabled.

I turned off vacation mode and now the app thinks I have a ton of lessons. I actually have 35 lessons available.

I have a fix for the incorrect lesson count as it started happening a couple weeks ago to me as well. At some point the assignments endpoint started returning unlocked lessons and I’ve added some code to filter them out. Will try and push out a new beta with this fix in the next couple days.

I do have code specifically to handle vacation mode. I look for a non-empty current_vacation_started_at in the user resource and return 0/0 lessons/reviews in that case. I thought I’d tested that, but I’ll check again.

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Hey there! Your app is really great, and I‘m using it on a daily hourly basis!

One rather large request: could you implement the lesson reorder script? I’m currently switching to a 7-day-leveling speed and without reorder, that‘s close to impossible. Otherwise, I‘d have to stop using my phone for (basically everything) Wanikani, and switch to a computer, which I would like to avoid.

I‘m probably not the first one to ask, though. And I know it‘s going to be some work for you, sorry!