Interest Poll for a "Book Club" for Japanese App Games/Visual Novels

Would anyone be interested in a book-club-like topic for discussing Japanese mobile applications? (Japanese as in, mobile applications that are in Japanese. Also, applications as in the sort that are games/storybook-like things.)

For examples of what it might cover, think バカサスペンス or かみさまへ. (かみさまへ also has a transcript.) (For more examples, see the Visual Novels and Escape Games sections of this document that I mention too much.) It could also cover games that have an English release with a Japanese language option.

For the sake of convenience, it would primarily cover free applications.

Most applications can be split into sections, so those could be used as discussion headers.

This sounds…

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  • Not particularly interesting

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And, out of curiosity, if this were a thing, which/what sorts of apps would you be interested in discussing?

as a fan of games in general and japanese language modding (like modding the league of legends client/game to display only japanese even if you’re not in that region/connect to that server), I would be down for this club

also my japanese news feed seems to be obsessed with showing me japanese content of fate:grand order even though I don’t play it so maybe it’s trying to tell me something lol

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I was thinking of something like this too, scraped the idea however as I didn’t think too many people would be interested and it would be hard to decide a pace since moving on in some games/visual novels depends on someone gaming skills.