Instructional videos in Japanese

Inspired by the recent Tofugu post about doing yoga in Japanese: Beginner's Guide to Japanese Yoga Lessons

I find that instructional videos are a great way to learn a language. Usually you can see what the words describe, so your brain can make that direct connection. And as a bonus you’re learning two things at once (the language plus whatever the tutorial is about).
So, share your favourite instructional videos in Japanese :slight_smile: (If there’s already a topic for this すみません)

I’ll start with cooking: This channel has a LOT of videos, a lot of them desserts but also plenty savoury dishes and snacks. The host speaks clearly and in formal language, so I find the videos realtively easy to understand. Background music is also quiet. This one is super complex confectionary, full of ingredients I don’t even know in English and will probably never use myself. But pretty cakes! I think this one uses a bit more informal language at times, so I personally find it a bit more difficult to understand.

I’m on the search for some general fitness (cardio, strength, etc.) stuff without music. The B-Life channel mentioned in the yoga post has a few general fitness videos as well, but they still tend to be more yoga-ish from a first glance.

Although can’t forget the classic [テレビ体操] ラジオ体操第1 | NHK - YouTube

If anyboy has any recommendations for fitness channels you’d have my deepest gratitude (シ_ _)シ


No advice on fitness stuff, I’m afraid, but I always find it satisfying to see work from this calligraphy channel, even if it makes me hate my awful kana handwriting afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like his video going over the ins and outs of writing kana well.


Ohhhh this is great, I definitely need to improve my handwriting, thanks! :smiley: