Injured turtles

欠ける is a problematic item for me. Many of us categorize this items as leeches. i prefer injured because they are not burned, so…
Wk should prepare a space for them like “classroom for special items” so we can treat them differently.
Detection? Leave it to the user imo.

Take care.


There are two tools that may be of use for leeches/injured turtles.

First there is the Leech Tables script for displaying the leeches in a table. you may go over the items in the table and say out load meaning/reading/mnemonics. In case of doubt you click on the item and the item page is displayed.

Second there is the Self-Study Quiz script for quizzing yourself with leeches once you define the appropriate filter. This will quiz you kind of like if you are doing a review.

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I am aware of scripts but i prefer an official solution.

The closest you will find is the table of critical condition items.

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