Incorrect English answers being accepted

Today I answered a few reviews incorrectly (not on purpose!) and it accepted them, but only in English. They weren’t spelling errors, alternate meanings or synonyms. When this happened I got the “your answer was a bit off message”. At first I thought it was just me but then when 一流 came up and I typed “First Wave”, knowing this wasn’t the answer but hoping I was close, it happened again. I had a look at the word to see the actual answer and “first wave” isn’t close at all. I’m sorry I can’t tell you what the others were but I’ll pay closer attention to future reviews. I do use the iPhone and Android apps for my reviews but it’s happened through both of them and I don’t have any scripts installed that should let me skip incorrect answers.

Its not as off as you may think. First rate is only two letters off and its 10 characters including the space. R and w are pretty close to each other too.

It’s only two letters off, so yes, it is close.

First Rate
First Wave

WK lets you get a certain amount of your answer wrong. It judges correctness on the letters used, not so much the meaning.

We would need one of those google neural network thingamajigs to be able to judge if your typos were actually the wrong meaning on the fly.

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If you want to be really honest with the SRS system and you don’t know an English translation, you can always enter a nonsense answer e.g. fkdjwpofqqd. That way, you will definitely not get the answer right and have another chance to repeat the practice more times. Especially if it’s for a vocab or not a levelling-dependent answer, there is no shame in spending more time with problem vocab/kanji!


Thanks everyone for your help. I guess the others could have been close on the keyboard too, I didn’t know you could be that far out. If I genuinely don’t know I just write a single letter because I tend to remember the single letter answers better. If I know I’m wrong but think I get the gist I’ll write down what I’m thinking and if it’s close enough I’ll look it up in the dictionary and maybe add it as a synonym.

If you’re interested, this will stop “close” answers from being accepted:

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Awesome thank you!

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