In WaniKani reviews the info pannel auto-expands and I never downloaded a script for that (solved, I feel stupid)

Hey guys,
Well… the topic title pretty much summarizes my issue. I had downloaded several add-ons a while ago and after I deleted several and installed others yesterday the info pannel started auto expanding in reviews (both right and wrong). Today I also installed Open Framework but the issue was already happening before I did that. I’ve researched into every Tampermonkey script I’ve installed (bellow there’s a screenshot of all the ones I have) and none have this feature. Also, I logged to WaniKani in incognito mode and reviews work normally (without auto expanding).
I’ve already tried manually enabling and disabling Tapermonkey and logging out of my WaniKani account and logging back in with Tapermonkey turned off, but it keeps happening.
Any thoughts? I find it really annoying, I don’t like the info showing up automatically, I don’t always need it and it is visually distracting. Thank you!!!

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Ah this is a problem that I have seen and experienced before. Do you have the WaniKani Companion extension installed? By default that is set to automatically expand the item info. There should be a setting to disable it, but I don’t know where it is in the app since I’m too lazy at this point to disable it.

EDIT: Yep, it’s right here in the settings:



I think I had a Chrome extension that was doing this earlier.

Moved this thread from “Requesting help” to “API and Third-Party apps” as it seems more appropriate :slight_smile:


OMG, it was so simple hahahaha thank you :sweat_smile:

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You are right, I missed that

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