Improving wanikani community (discourse)

i was torn about whether to put this in bugs/errors or feedback, but i just wanted to say:

discourse is an open-source software, which means it accepts bug fixes and improvements from the community. it’s written in ruby, which is a programming language i know very well.

so if we have bugs / issues or are looking to improve wanikani community in some way, i am happy to help!

that is all, have a nice day ^-^

Ohhh, I didn’t know it was written in ruby, it’s nice to know!
I’d be happy to do some contributing myself too! :gem:

yep! you can find it here: discourse sourcecode

yeah, I found it a few minutes ago, though I’m pretty bummed they don’t have the issue tracking on github…

agreed! do you know where they do it or if it’s accessible to the public? it seems weirdly contrary to the open-source idea if they hide their dirty dirty.

my tip would be that they have their own discourse :smiley:

dunno, but it should be stated somewhere in the contributing info they have in the repo

Here you go - the contribution guide. I wanted to report a couple of things, but as you mentioned, they don’t track issues on Github. Turns out you report bugs via… Discourse. You gotta post on a “meta” Discourse. So although I’ve found a few minor bugs, I can’t really be bothered to report them right now… :sweat_smile:

haha go figure ^-^’ thanks, i’ll look into it!