Improving listening precision - any quizzes out there?

Hi everyone! I’m focusing on improving my listening comprehension - I’ve been good with volume of input and can understand the basic meanings of Japanese news, podcasts, etc., but I’d like to improve my precision. Frankly, some of the grammar structures, especially when there are multiple combined, move too fast for me to comprehend and I want to train my brain to recognize/understand them more quickly.

My teacher has been pulling short listening segments (1-2 mins) together with VERY detailed questions that force me to pick up more nuance and detail. This is awesome and I’m wondering if there are more on the internet. If anyone is also a French learner, what I’d really love is something like RFI’s listening comprehension exercises.

Does anyone know if something similar exists for Japanese?



I’m not sure if this is exactly what you want, but SuperNative might fill some of these gaps?

Once you have a user you see a menu like this:

Listen + Recall is probably the most aligned with your ask.

EDIT: An example exercise:
(The answer is それ)


Although I don’t really know the answer, why not search the forum along the line of shadowing?

Otherwise, I think it is something for textbook stuff.

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