Immersion Alongside WK

You wrote that you don’t see the Wanikani vocabulary/kanji in context. There are a lot of user scripts out there to help with that.

This userscript puts one of the context sentences Wanikani has in your vocabulary lessons underneath the vocab word during your reviews.
[Userscript] Simple Show Context Sentence

This script makes you work from one of the context sentences during your reviews. It does not show the vocabulary alone but it does highlight it in the sentence. Be careful if you have poor grammar, you could easily mix up some of the verbs during reviews if you don’t know how to different verbs that have the same kanji are conjugated differently.
[Userscript] WaniKani Context

This script is used only in lessons but it will highlight all the kanji you already know when you look at the vocabulary context sentences during your lessons. That way you are encouraged to practice your old kanji while doing lessons.
[UserScript] Advanced Context Sentence

I use some of these and they really help. After doing all of your reviews with the kanji appearing in a sentence it is a lot less intimidating to see them in the wild. I hope these scripts help with your immersion.