I'm not renewing WaniKani

@maxb You’re almost at level 60! Don’t take a break now!! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve only been able to try it three times, just my luck; when I decide I need a break from learning in one direction I find out KaniWani exists! Just by chance I found about it in another post; I would have loooooved to know about it a months ago.

@KatuGT what is Kamesame? Is it like Kaniwani?

@Radish8 That’s great advice, thanks a lot. I think I’ll follow it. I’d like to know how are you studying japanese, what method do you follow? Academy classes , online, textbook? I feel if you have a structured method like having a teacher and classes two times a week, WK is a great and necessary addition to progress in learning the language.

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Thanks for being open about why you are choosing to take a break :slight_smile: I also feel a need to get through the levels quickly, but I’ve run into the issue of learning too much too quickly and falling extremely behind on my podcasts and Genki. Just recently I heard the work 学校 aloud and I had no idea what it meant even though reading it would have been a breeze :sweat_smile: I started in January and I think I’m ready for my first break! But if you could get the lifetime, I would highly suggest it, just because it really does take any pressure off of doing it at a fast pace.

To anyone: Without lifetime are you allowed to continue doing reviews for what you’ve already learned after subscription expiration?

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Only the free levels. If every thing is burned on the free levels you don’t have anything to do

Thanks! Then in that case I would definitely suggest lifetime, because at least you can continue burning items while you study other things (which is what I have been doing since the holidays started).

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I take classes at the language school associated with my University. It definitely has disadvantages (slow pace mostly due to looooong holidays, lack of kanji learning!), but like you say it brings structure. I’m not the kind of person who would have been able to get very far without a structure and an expectation that I turn up every week :sweat_smile:

It also gives you the opportunity / forces you to practise speaking. Admittedly that’s mostly with other learners, but you still have to open your mouth and talk, which I think is something self-learners can struggle with. Plus I’m friends with my teacher now, who is Japanese, so I get to chat to her quite a bit.

I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, but just knowing about those disadvantages will probably take you halfway to overcoming them either way.


Yes,it is Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app!

but it has som problems fixed but I donr know hot to use it in a computer but chek it

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i really like using Kamesame. I’ll just do it throughout the day on my phone, which helps me get better at the flick input method.
I go at my own pace with WK - doing around 10 new items a day and the reviews whenever they come up or when I get a chance to. I always try to clear all my reviews before I go to bed every day.

I’ve also started doing BunPro, which to me is very difficult, but extremely important. I don’t do too many new items per day. I like to try to understand the grammar I’ve learned a bit better before doing any new ones. I’ll get overwhelmed otherwise.

All this is quite time consuming already, and I’m going slowly(I’m now on a lifetime membership)! I can’t imagine trying to burn through it as fast as possible.

Good luck with your studies and I hope to see you back someday!

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YES. This was exactly how I hoped people would use it


I’m using kamesame and loving it, just wish it would load faster.
Used kaniwani as well for hiragana, and kamesame for kanji. I think kamesame can replace kaniwani if it also accepts hiragana input (so kanji + hiragana). it would be perfect so I don’t have to use both.

Has this changed? I swear I remember reading somewhere that if you’d been subscribed for years and had paid more than lifetime, then you just had to email the WK team and they’d give you lifetime for free.

I’d like lifetime, but just can’t justify it with the 50% textfugu discount on yearly (though at the rate I’m going I might need a few more years to hit 60 so lifetime might actually be cheaper haha).

You confuse it with textfugu where you could mail them when your monthly payments eqaual the cost of lifetime. Wanikani only offered prorated for all payment when they did the first temporary sale of lifetime

Ah cool that must be it. Thanks!

Ideally to learn Japanese you would be living in Japan and working in a Japanese-speaking environment (so having the opportunity and/or need to use Japanese everyday), be taking classes yet also have lots of free time to study on your own. I suspect for most of us we are a long way from that ideal - certainly I am. My next visit to Japan won’t be until 2020 at the earliest so on average I only get a hour of speaking practice per week. I work full time and have a wife, daughter and dog to look after too so I don’t have that much free time and when I do, I am often tired so finding energy and motivation to study is sometimes difficult. Partly explains why I watch too much anime (kidding myself that it is a learning experience rather than just a bit of fun!) At least WK keeps me going with learning Kanji and vocabulary, even if I should spend more time on grammar. It really helps that you can break up the reviews and lessons into little chunks - something that is more difficult with other parts of learning.

Personally I am trying to get through WK fairly quickly. I then plan to do Kaniwani or similar to reinforce my understanding.

I think the key is to keep going - as long as you keep studying then hopefully whatever route you take you will reach a reasonable level of competence at some point.

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there’s a lvl 29 vocab item for this:



Actually that is level 28 as I have just learnt it (thanks for the extra review!)

yeah, might be. i got it at 29, but i also had a handful of words still left.

Thanks for this great discussion!

@Radish8 I’m really learning a lot from your experience. I don’t have a formar method but Bunpro is helping me see how well I progress.

I’ve wanted this kind of thread for a long time, I thought I was alone on how I felt about my studies.

ありがとう皆さん for your encouragement! I’ll go my own way but I’ll keep studying hard. And probably meet again in about 12 months 笑笑

@searls you made Kamesama? The name is so similar to my nickname I just HAVE to try it out!
Especially if @jamielin says it’s so useful.

@spool thanks for the recommendation . What to you mean by the flick imput method?



I’m not sure if there’s a proper name for the ‘flick’ method but on the iphone(not sure about android) the kana keyboard looks like this:

For each ‘consonant’ you either press the key or flick for it’s alternate vowels.
for か you just press the か button, but for き you would press か then flick left. Flick up for く, right for け, and down for こ.

You can get pretty fast at it with practice



Yup. Named for turtle-shark, to nod to wanikani’s gator-crab name.