I'm giving up on WK, and here's some feedback after making it to level 20 in three-ish years

Oh I meant SRS where flashcards come up at certain times. I get resentful of having to sit down at certain times of day and thinking about large piles of reviews is super stressful for me. I don’t want to build my life around a wanikani habit.

But what isn’t stressful is reading, I absolutely love it. With the kanji foundation I have, I’ve got a good starting point for memorizing the kanji I come across myself. Is it maximally efficient? No. But I don’t care.


The OP talked about Wanikani learning site not about the forum. I don’t think the forum had anything to do with their decision.
And as for dealing with attitude on the forum, the ignore user and mute thread buttons can really make a difference. I wish there was a block option, would make the experience less stalky.

No. what prompted the whole argument was this part:

which was taken completely out of context by this

Which was cherry picking one sentence to make a point, ignoring (or failing to understand) what section 5. was really talking about.


Thanks for doing the 30 seconds of work going back to the original post that I was too lazy to do :joy:

Reading what OP wrote again, I 100% agree with it. The downside of gamification is that competition is often extremely demotivating, which seems to be their point.


There’s a better way to do gamification, I wrote about it on another post -


I remember reading your post! I really liked it, I thought it captured a lot of the debate going on here, and also mirrored my views on the wanikani experience pretty well.

I honestly don’t know if the devs will ever implement some of these changes that could make wanikani more inclusive, but I like the idea of at least having a corner of the forums where people will stick up for learners who are struggling, so thanks for being part of that corner.


You do not have to sit down and do reviews at certain times of day. I have seen nothing in WK that has ever forced me to have do my reviews at a specific time. Items will become available for review at specific times (based on the SRS timings and when it was learned or last reviewed) but “available” is not “must be done now”. Those items will still be waiting to be reviewed an hour later, 4 hours later, 12 hours later, a day later, whatever. I have never laid out my schedule based on WK, I do my reviews when I have time to do them at a time I want to do them.




More like, if you ask me.

OP is presumably long gone, trying to get the WK team to change anything is about as meaningful as pissing into the ocean, and who cares how other people study? Do the thing or don’t do the thing.

I find comments like this weird.
Presumably you are here because you choose to learn japanese.

Whenever i read somelike like" WK isnt not work!" i keep thinking:
Yes, you should be more motivated to do WK than work because thats how you choose to spend your free time.

If you dont want to set the alarm based on WK then dont.
Whenver im at the PC i occasionaly open WK to check the amount of reviews.
That can be 4 times a day or not at all for 36 hours.

If there arent enough i just close it again.

That only works if by pure chance you fail the same items repeatedly.

If you take a single item, succed twice and fail one you have 66% and the item did not move.
Doing more items does not change that ratio.
66% average means you stagnate.

Oh, I stopped doing wanikani, I just hang out in the forums sometimes.