I wish we could add kanji from other levels to our reviews

Sometimes I learn a kanji or vocab outside of wanikani and would love to SRS the crap out of it, but sadly I dont think we can do it .

Would be great if it could be implemented.


If you’re on Windows PC:

Very much agree. A system similar to the one bunpro has would be ideal, but what I belive would be the best is…

The option to create our own levels. Starting from level 3, users would have the option to chose 20-25 kanji to create a custom level. The system would then automatically add all the radicals required by those kanji and all the kanji required by those radicals required by the kanji (and all the radicals required by the kanji required by the radicals required by the kanji) and up to 80 vocabulary unlocked by unlocking those new kanji and an additional 20 vocabulary unlocked by previous kanji.

That means you cannot go above 40-50 kanji in a level. It could also work alongside the normal levels. Radicals, Kanji and Vocabulary learned in a custom level would already have an SRS level.

Now, while all this would be fantastic… is it really worth it? I’m just doing my own thing anyway.


I think it technically supports data sources other than WaniKani, but you’d have to ask @rfindley how that works.

You might want to get on the Kitsun.io (@neicul) activation list. I’d like to give it a try, but my account never seems to get activated. I can’t say first-hand, but it seems to hold promise of a very WK-like experience. I like a server-based implementation to allow studying on the road and from any device.

I’ve often complained that WK’s system is the best, but falls just short of perfect due to lack of customization. WK ruined me on Anki, which seems to create an environment more conducive to learning how to program Anki decks than to learn languages. Will Kitsun fill the void?


Currently, there’s just one entry, wk_items, which is for Wanikani items.

Just need to add a new similar structure:

wkof.ItemData.registry.sources['your_source_id'] = {
  description: 'Source Name',
  fetcher: your_fetch_function,
  options: { }, // (optional)
  filters: { }, // (optional) Will show up in Self-Study Quiz settings.

The fetcher function needs to return a Promise that resolves with an array of item objects in the same form as wkof.ItemData.get_items(), which is similar to the API’s /subjects endpoint.


function your_fetch_function(config, global_options) {
  return new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
    // Retrieve your kanji/vocab items here,
    // then return them via resolve().
    // Parameters:
    //   config - Config sub-object passed inside first arg of wkof.ItemData.get_items()
    //   global_options - Global options object passed as 2nd arg of wkof.ItemData.get_items()
    // TODO: fetch items
    // var items = [ ... ];

Example call to fetch items:

  // 'config' sub-object passed to your fetcher:
  your_source_id: {
    // options: { ... }  //optional
    // filters: { ... }  //optional
  // 'config' sub-object passed to Wanikani fetcher:
  wk_items: {
    // options: { ... }  //optional
    // filters: { ... }  //optional
  /* 'global_options' passed to all fetchers */
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I want to avoid using yet another software.

Im not on wanikani, kaniwani, bunpro, memrise and I often forget about kaniwani and memrise because its starting to be too much.

There’s a big benefit to having everything in one place, and I think a lot of people wish they could have more flexibility with WaniKani. But from past comments from WaniKani staff, it is unlikely they will ever as this feature. The reason they likely won’t do this is the same reason they won’t let people skip levels: the content in each level builds on top of content from previous levels, and reviewing future content early goes against this.

Sometimes the WaniKani staff doesn’t notice questions/suggestions on the forums, so if you want to make sure to get an answer from them it’s probably best to email them directly at hello@wanikani.com.

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