I will quit WK because of the new update

No, I mean like, literally, the next time the item comes up for review, not during the same review session. Like I said, the biggest problem is that you’ll have to do an extra SRS cycle, so for example, you may have to wait 2 weeks, a month, a couple of months, for that next review, depending on the SRS level. But again, in the grand scheme of things, that’s not really going to make much of a difference. In the end, it’ll just be one extra review. A few seconds of your life.

I don’t think you understand what I meant, nor where I am coming from. I’m literally talking about intentionally botching reviews when you don’t think you’ve ‘learned them enough’, whatever ‘learned enough’ means to you, not to me.

E.g. If you’re constantly getting 熱い and 暑い mixed up, as I also did, then instead of just answering ‘hot’, use a longer-but-more-accurate synonym, such as ‘hot thing’ vs. ‘hot weather’. And if you accidentally answer ‘hot’ one time, and you’ve already answered the reading correctly, then next time it comes up for review, intentionally botch it. I usually type ‘a’ and press Enter, which is never the correct English answer, and is rarely the correct kana あ (if あ happens to be the correct kana, then answer something else, again to intentionally get it wrong).

I was talking about the worst case scenario: You wanted to intentionally botch it, but forgot to. And that gets you all the way to Burning the item. Well, maybe that item wasn’t really so troublesome after all.

Hey, even if you end up Burning the item, you can always Unburn it (called “Resurrect” in the UI) and start it again from scratch. In fact, I’ve taken this kind of ‘intentionally botching’ things to the next level, where I have been intentionally Unburning items for months now, starting all the way back at level 1 and doing what I call a ‘Rolling Reset’.

You said there was no workaround at all. I’m just saying, “Well, actually, yes there is. It’s not perfect, but it does actually work.” You can intentionally botch items as much as you want. That’s even how Anki works, by default, and I’m just explaining that you can simulate the same thing on WK. Worst case scenario, you burn the item a few weeks or months later than you normally would; but you’ll eventually burn it, and to whatever level of mastery you choose. In terms of actual time spent, however, it’ll only be a few minutes max of your life. Just sayin’.

Forgot to mention about “動かす vs. 動く”, i.e. ‘transitive’ / ‘intransitive’ pairs. I handle these by always using the longer answer for the item, if there is any confusion in my mind about a pair. E.g. instead of ‘to move’, I’ll only answer ‘to move something’ or ‘to be moved’ (or whatever the alternative is for the intransitive; if an alt doesn’t exist, I’ll add one). That way if I answer “to be moved” for 動かす, it will certainly be marked wrong.