I will quit WK because of the new update

Oh I didn’t consider that. I used genanki in these scripts to dump a complete deck that I import in Anki, but AnkiConnect is indeed probably the right way to go if you want to sync SRS progress as well.

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Yeah, WK is straight up unusable for me without scripts; so many basic functions that should be included with the app are filled in by scripts. Especially with my first burned items finally rolling down the queue, the inability to correct for typos is beyond awful; without Double-Check, all it takes is typing “gruond” instead of “ground” and suddenly a basic radical could get stuck back in the review queue for nearly half a year. It was short-sighted and straight up irresponsible of Tofugu to not have some way for users to stay on the old update until scripts start being updated (and since they completely changed the API. now not a single one works). I will definitely be doing my lessons and reviews on Flaming Durtles until they get their stuff together.


I wouldn’t go this far and quit for real, but I think, if a meaningful percentage of monthly subscribers would suspend their subscription temporarily, it certainly would create a motivating level of discomfort at the right end to fix this mess ASAP…


Can’t suspend lifetime subscription unfortunately


They broke the scripts again (it’s the second time for my time with WaniKani).
Even my custom dark theme style got broken, so now the site just burns my eyes.
I’ll check out tomorrow if it’s fixed and will probably download Anki


The Dark Reader extension still seems to work fine enough as a temporary workaround, FYI.


At least the good news is you’re at level 60. After this update I wish I was level 60 cause I would just quit then too if they didn’t fix their bizarre update.


Thank you, i’ll look into it!

i wonder if us people who have lifetime memberships even have a voice. it’s not like we can threaten to quit, we’ve already paid, they’ve already got our money


How is everybody so dramatic about this. Okay, you don’t like it. Provide feedback and suggest it’s reverted. ‘Threatening’ to leave is like republicans burning their Nike Sneakers. Just be constructive about it and wait a few days to see what happens. Making a big deal about leaving is a bit childish. In any case, you accepted terms and services, WK is not a charity.

Also to the people saying WK is literally unusable … like, get a grip.


dude you are way, way too cynical. what dimension are you from where all the people behind the scenes are demons bent on making your life miserable and spitting on you for having opinions. jesus dude


Who mentioned demons or people wanting to make anyone’s life miserable? (Answer: You did. Definitely not me.) The people behind the scenes are working their jobs to make a living and live a good life. Who’s on here thinking anyone’s out to hurt anyone??

All I’m saying is, in this system, the only real vote we have is with our money, and since lifetime members won’t be giving anymore money, we don’t really have a real vote (and I’m not even saying this is definitely the case, I’m WONDERING if its true.)


I don’t get it. It’s like 2% different other than some broken scripts that will mostly be updated in a few days or less?


laying everything up and down kinda sucks. You used to be able to see everything on one screen: meaning, reading, meaning explanation, reading explanation kanji composition.

now depending on the meaning explanation length you have to scroll down to see the reading explanation, and you definitely have to scroll down to see the kanji composition, but then you can’t see the meaning and the vocab anymore so now you gotta scroll back up. There’s just so much needless scrolling up and down all the time when it all used to be right there on one screen


Somewhere in here there’s a lesson about consumerism, the paradox of choice, the power of marketing and why we should ideally all use open source software.


Agree that the additional scrolling is a bit of a pain, but they need to strike a happy medium between mobile and desktop experiences. Easier said than done with limited time and money. The native mobile experience is way better now.

That said, the histrionics over essentially one missing feature (review summary) and some broken user scripts (that will eventually be fixed) are silly.


oh wait, no way, you weren’t saying that they’re all literal demons from the underworld? what!? wow! i misread your post completely. sorry!

you know what a better “vote” would be? contributing to threads, which they are reading, and you are doing. you don’t have to Manhandle them with a Patriotic Protest Vote of Withholding Your Capitalism VoteBux. tofugu isn’t an indifferent behemoth like microsoft or something, they’re people and you can talk to them as such.

I never said they were Microsoft , who was the one who said that? Heh: you did.

dang… i can already see you Owning me in the near future bro


This is perfect. Thanks for this recommendation!

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It doesn’t feel as the last update that broke scripts was that long ago. We survived that one and will survive this one as well, it will just take time and maybe it’ll be time to look for new scripts again.

Regardless, in times like this I’ve been using Trusukame, which has all the features I need. Having an Apple Silicon machine I can use it on my computer and avoid the hassle of typing on a touch screen. That’s a solution, but ymmv.

Edit: I do agree that WK is sort of unusable without scripts. Specially when you’re dealing with massive review queues


Stop being so dramatic, nothing is set in stone yet and the addons will be fixed within days