I only did kanjis for a while

After I only did kanjis and building a huge lesson backlog of vocab items (7 Levels).

I’m proud to announce, I’m back on track!



Why would you do that to yourself in the first place? I feel like that only hurts your kanji learning even if you only cared about kanji and not vocab. A recent experience I had with this is with the kanji 思. I knew the reading おも but it wanted onyomi and I could not for the life of me remember what it was since I hadn’t seen it used in a vocab word which used that reading. Now that I finally got the vocab word 思想 this level, I can remember it much better.


Same thought here (kanji pun intended). Sometimes I guru a kanji but feel I haven’t yet learned it well, but with all the vocabulary that uses it it immediately starts to feel familiar. It’s a really good reinforcement. Plus, I think vocabulary is the real goal of Wanikani. You can read, write and speak with vocabulary, but you can’t do much with just kanji.


Congratulations on getting back on track! That sounds really daunting to overcome :fearful:


Congratulations! How many Apprentice items do you have now? I once had a backlog of 2 levels of vocabulary items and that wasn’t fun. So 700 items instead of 200 must be quite challenging. I had to stop doing any lessons for a couple of weeks until things got back to normal and my Apprentice queue was under control. I’ll never do that to myself again :wink:

Btw: now that is in the past, I use this script to avoid the situation from happening again: [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter

And I’m a bit more relaxed about my level up speed now. Which will hopefully help preventing bad ideas in the future.


198 Aprentice items.

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