I NEED WaniKani users to compete with me!

Since OP is MIA any other leaderboards I can join??

You should be able to use the link in first post to download the board as it was updated two weeks ago

I can add you if you want

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i do

I would join your competition to reach level 30. I also accept your immediate surrender.


Great objective! :+1:

Lots of us are competing with that same milestone in mind here: WaniKani Study Buddy Race - 2022, All Aboard!

Consider it like a brother forum :wink: pretty motivating.
Don’t hesitate to put yourself in the list.


You can add me too :slight_smile:

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level 10 :partying_face:

Level 20, to be 20 again . . . 19 was a pretty hard level. 20 seems like it’s gonna be much easier. The only kanji I’m completely unfamiliar with is 妨. And after I finally reach 21, I’m gonna take my time, so I couldn’t care less about difficulty onward.

Hey there I’m very late, but this seems like something that would keep me motivated!

My username: Straw_Fries

Just download OP’s leaderboard… they seem to have vanished into the darkness

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since uni started i was expecting OP to overtake me by now, but guess they’ve been busy aswell lol

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ever since school started again for me I‘ve been going super slow. I guess having lots of school stuff + learning piano + learning Japanese + programming stuff and lastly having fun with friends is really hard to organize. Since I‘m lvl 10 now I also have to start looking at grammar and I recently picked up KaniWani too.

i don‘t know where I‘m going with this :sweat_smile:

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ahhh I feel like this should be a native feature of WaniKani. The whole community is already a great thing on its own but adding leaderboards would be amazing.

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I’ve leveled up 4 times since the last time the list was updated, lol

Oh well, life happens. I don’t think I’ll be racing to level 60 anyway. I’ve been on my current level for five days, and I only just started to do the radical lessons. I turned the reorder script off, as to intentionally go much slower.

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Is it to late to join this?
My username: JDong

No but OP vanished so you need to add the leaderboard yourself from the first post

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hello people! i havent messaged anything on this for a while, hows everyone doing

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really good… if only I could say the same about my progress lol


This is like the online forum equivalent of whale fall.