I lost my motivation :c

I think it is very normal to hit highs and lows thru the long journey, which is 60 levels of WK.You can take a “planned break” from advancing while keeping up with reviews, and dedicate time to grammar or reading or vocabulary or whatever other part of Japanese learning you enjoy/need more. If on that break you will notice that kanji knowledge brings you to disadvantage, you may get back the motivation to continue with new lessons. The second half of WK kanji is still quite useful (well, not so sure about the last 10 levels, but you can decide later on that).

If you need a group to cheer you on climbing WK levels, join a thread like Let's climb Tokyo Skytree - level 60 in spring 2022
(I’m in it for the extra motivation reason).

Whatever you decide, all the best and good luck!