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So right now I am attempting to play Neko Atsume in Japanese, and I have been writing down the dialogue so far, and the verb at the end I am not really sure about. Is the 完成させましょう one verb…as in is it a する verb or is it a word and a verb. Also is it polite volitional? Thank you in advance. The full sentence is at the bottom.

It’s a する verb in the polite volitional of the causative.

My translation:
"Let’s gather the cats and complete the Cat Diary"

  • 完成 means completion, you’ll learn it on WK in level 14, I think.
  • させる is causative form of する
  • ましょう is kind of encouragement and can be translated as something like “let’s do…”

EDIT: @Saida senpai was faster :slight_smile:


This is the detailed construction:

The non-polite version is 完成させよう.


Lol, thank you very much, your response is appreciated

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Thank you, also is that a website that you took that from or an app?

Yes. Check this: Lapis app: a segmentation engine that understands grammar, the best dictionary lookups, SRS designed for language learning - Japanese Language / Resources - WaniKani Community

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Thank you.

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