I hate this kanji, any tips?

This kanji 場 is really starting to tick me off, I just checked its readings and it while it seems like ば is always used if a word starts with this kanji, any other place its pretty much a 50/50 between じょう and ば. I just cannot seem to get them right for the life of me. If you guys have any tips, please enlighten me!



Well it is 50/50… gamble every time and hope for the best? xD


ば is the kanji’s kun’yomi, じょう is the on’yomi. If you stick with the “like goes with like” rule of thumb, you’ll be correct more often than not.

場内 = じょうない = on-on
広場 = ひろば = kun-kun
牧場 = ぼくじょう = on-on
売り場 = うりば = kun-kun (the little bit of okurigana in between is a big clue - 乗り場 is the same)

市場 can be read as both いちば and しじょう, but both readings are still kun-with-kun and on-with-on. Honestly don’t know which reading for this is the more common, though.

It’s not perfect, mind - as with the Golden Rule in Japanese (“all rules have exceptions, including this one”), there’s exceptions. For example, 火葬場 = かそうば = on-on-kun; 馬場 = ばば = on-kun.

Heh. Just learnt the Japanese word for dressage is ばばばじゅつ


You can easily remember the reading with a simple rule.
When the reading is stupid, it uses ば, for ばか.
When the reading is a joke, it uses じょう, for じょうだん.

sorry, this is a stupid joke


The meaning changes depending on the reading:
いちば: actual market in a town, like a farmer’s market
しじょう: market as an abstract concept, like the stock market


I was about to comment the same, but you managed before me :smiley: Just failed this in my test exam for kanken, so learned this the hard way…

There are most likely countless others like this, like 風車, that make us non-natives cry about how hard the system is for us :sweat_smile:


Thanks for this, but I actually don’t really associate my readings with kunyomi and onyomi when I learn, so I dont know how I could use this… I just somehow understand the correct readings for most of them.

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Well, your other option is to forget about readings, just remember vocab. Instead of looking at, say, 駐車場 and going “is that くるま or しゃ? Is that ば or じょう?”, instead you just remember that it’s a word which is pronounced ちゅうしゃじょう.


I think I might be able to get the hang of this, thank you!

Ive been trying to do this, but this one kanji seems to have so many vocab that I just dont get it right


Funny, I just failed at stupid vocabulary including that kanji again and thought I really have to find a way how to memorise that little fucker. Whenever a vocabulary comes up, I just type whatever comes to my mind first, because in the end I mess up either way.

Hate it. I think I might just write it down in sheer rage for some days and let my hate get the best of it. I always remember my enemies, so it might be better to turn it into my kanji-hate-number-1.


場所 ばしょ is kun-on and one of the most common words containing this character. It is neither じょうしょ or ばところ. Quite a terror!

My advice to anyone having trouble remembering this particular exception is to watch lots of sumo until you remember it. Luckily, there’s a 場所 (sumo tournament) starting tomorrow which runs for two weeks.

I hope this tip helps anyone struggling with 場. はっけよい!

I just use a mnemonic if I can’t remember a reading with either a guy named Joe or a sheep going baa :stuck_out_tongue: (You know, farms. Where they herd flocks of Joe’s).

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