I dunno, do you think I've run out of free content?

About the only thing left to do would be “Burning” all of them, but the first radicals I’d be able to do that with still have 2 months until my next review.

To be fair, WK has helped a lot, and I even started having fun with it at some point. I’m definitely gonna get the premium version. Just not right now. Cash is tight. I’m still gonna study Japanese in the meantime, though. I’ll just have to study something else for a while. (Grammar comes to mind…)

So yeah, I may be gone for a little while. I will be back, but for now, さよなら。


Hope you’re able to come back sooooooon!

I wouldn’t even recommend burning the items you do have, I don’t think :thinking: They’re building blocks for later things, and if you come back several months later and don’t have to review them anymore it might make life a bit difficult. You want the content to overlap, ideally.

Good luck with your other studies in the meantime :blush: and there’s no need to leave the forums :wink:


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