I don't think this answer should be accepted for 詰め込む

I was getting 詰め込む mixed up with 思い込む.
I don’t think “to brood” should be accepted as an answer since the primary meaning is “stuff, cram, jam” etc. with physical things.
But if I’m wrong, please can someone explain why :slight_smile:


OP There’s a thread for this sort of thing where the typo-detection might just accept stuff that is wrong. So, no need to open a specific thread for cases like this. But, otherwise, the Tofugu content team will have a look at it and make a decision if this is one for the block-list in the future. :slight_smile:


Oh thanks! I had seen the title of that thread and thought it was just for jokes not genuine feedback :> I’ll post in there next time something like this comes up!


It does also have a bunch of jokes in it; tagging the mods in your post with @mods will make it easier for them to spot when you’re suggesting something for the blocklist.


cool no way haha I’m learning everything today ^-^ thanks yall

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Hey @raindrops I’ve gone ahead and added “to brood” to the block list for 詰め込む!

@ekg Thanks for the ping! :sunglasses:

-Nick at WK