Bug: 置く should not accept "to plan" as correct

Okay first post here. So be gentle with li’l ol’ me, please.

Was doing it really quickly, but I think I typed “to plan” for the vocab: 置く. During the next item I thought to myself: Wait, wasn’t that actually “to put”?

I think it is similar to “to place” (missing “e” and one character wrong) and was accepted for that reason, but it shouldn’t be. Maybe I typed it correctly and it isn’t an issue^^ Should take more time for my reviews :smiley:


Nah, that’s just WK accepting typos to a certain degree. There’s a whole thread for it, if you encounter more in the future. Some can be pretty hilarious. XD If you think it’s an issue, you can tag the mods to get the wrong answer added to the blocklist. :slight_smile:


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