"I don't know" button

Just make sure you always know the answer :slight_smile:

gth99 said... Just make sure you always know the answer :)
ShotgunLagoon said...basically, i think the reason this isn't going to happen, not even from third party scripts, is because it doesn't really add anything significant to the site.
 Challenge accepted! One point of third party scripts is to do useless stuff that adds nothing significant to the site.

I've made a user scripts that adds a "?" button next to the normal ">" button. If you click that the form will be submitted with an answer that is incorrect.  Sorry, but it will actually submit an incorrect item instead of marking the question as wrong without submitting anything. But I hope the text it inserts is "strange" enough so you don't remember that as the reading/meaning for the item.

Script can be installed from: https://github.com/nibarius/wk-wakaran/raw/master/wk-wakaran.user.js

Main page for the script is: https://github.com/nibarius/wk-wakaran

It will not work with the WaniKani phone app unless it's somehow possible to install userscripts to that (but I doubt that).

I always type ふぁ. That way my fingers have to do as little work as possible, and as far as I know, it’s not a reading for anything.

I usually type こ or し.  Although I was right a couple times.