I could use some suggestions to review on my level?

Hello, I started WaniKani pretty recently when a friend suggested it, but I finished the DuoLingo course… which wasn’t very good? I barely understood what I was doing until I started LingoDeer, which I just finished today?

LingoDeer seems great to learn, but I hate the review system? It’s just better to take the course again?

I also use Memrise and all together I seem to be studying over two hours a day?

The thing is… I feel like I should be doing something at this point? Read Japanese fairy tales for kids? Watch a kid show?

I’m not using them in anyway and while I think my vocabulary is small I still feel like I need to do something with it to practice?


That’s what I’ve heard.

No idea.

That’s up to you to decide.

Not if you think it’s bad.

I haven’t seen that.

Doing stuff is always good.


Why not!

You probably do.

Silliness aside, reading manga or simple books is a good idea, as is watching children’s shows. You could also consider listening to podcasts. However, I highly recommend you get a physical textbook, such as Genki, so you learn properly.



Since you didn’t give a background of your current Japanese level, how about going through The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List! and find what best suits your learning style!


I found out about this yesterday. But here’s a link to the first volume of Chi’s Sweet Home. Which I hear that is good for beginners.

just click on the red button written 無料で立ち読み and you can read it on your browser. You can also download it for free if you create an account.

This is only until the 1st of March. Plus, I’m still not sure if you download it you can keep it and read it after that date…

Edit: I forgot to mention that they have an android and pc app too.

Edit 2: I should have mentioned, but apparently they have a bunch of manga that you can read for free (with limited time). Most of them you can only read on the site, but you can also download quite a lot of them.

Here’s the link for their free manga: 【無料まんが】全てのジャンル一覧 5,000冊以上、240,000ページ以上が会員登録不要で読める! - 無料まんが・試し読みが豊富!電子書籍をお得に買うならebookjapan


It’s okay to use periods instead of question marks :wink:


I can’t afford a Genki book yet, unfortunately.
What kind of podcasts do you mean, a podcast to learn Japanese or a podcast in Japanese to just listen to?

This list seems super useful, thanks, Gojarappe! How do I measure my level? I haven’t counted how many Kanji I know but it’s somewhere between 50 and 100? I’ve learned some grammar from LingoDeer, which apparently has TWO review systems, and the other one is pretty good?

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I read the entire thing in my head with a heavy Aussie twang.

50-100 is pretty good! You can check your stats here as you progress with WaniKani.

Also, I think there are podcasts on the list I gave. :upside_down_face:

There are also tons of free websites and youtube channels to learn proper grammar from. You should look through this list.

As you said, the duolingo course is pretty bad, it’s really only okay if you are using it to freshen yourself up on the material, but it’s not really something you can learn from. Lingodeer is what duolingo should have been since it teaches you the information first before just throwing stuff at you. If you really wanted to, you could use DuoLingo going Japanese → English just to confirm you understand all the material.

But I highly recommend the list @Nedeli @gojarappe posted, it’ll help you figure out everything you’ll need.

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I’m a terrible person, I literally didn’t read anything after your gif.


I mean, uhhh, I totally gave you credit for that list.


Ah, I barely started on WaniKani and it’s difficult for me to remember the onyomi meanings since I’ve learned the uh… other kanji meaning from other places.

Like, I keep typing “ooki” when it should be “dai”?

Yeah, LingoDeer and DuoLingo teach the Kun’yomi readings for everything minus a couple of Kanji. It might be hard now, but it’ll be easier later since you already know the Kun’yomi readings.

It’s okay, I was just teasing you guys! @ZestyTS @Nedeli

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Well don’t worry, I went back and gave you credit for it! :heart:

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I was just coming to make that comment?

Rising inflections is Welsh?

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Your profile says you’re from Sydney! Are you an impostor or just in denial? :thinking: I lived in Brisbane for 5 years and couldn’t help some of it rubbing off on me!

In the UK we call it AQI - Australian Question Intonation. But if Wikipedia is to be believed, it originated in New Zealand… High rising terminal - Wikipedia