I am wrong although correct answer?

I typed in the correct answer, the word turned green, but yet I am told after finishing the review that I apparently answered this one incorrectly?
Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Within the same review session, did you previously get either meaning or reading wrong? That would usually be enough for the item to not pass as a whole.


Something happened to me too
男 i mistyped it meaning as “mann” and it counted wrong😅
I am thinking why is this a thing.


Not sure what you’re questioning - if it’s the one-letter typo, that’s because the leeway wanikani gives us on meaning spellings (a Levenshtein distance or something similar) is roughly proportional to the length of the string. A trick I like to use sometimes, when I don’t remember whether a kanji is a verb or its corresponding noun (e.g. permit vs permission), is to answer using the shorter of the two alternatives, since that is more likely be counted as a typo of the longer string vice versa.
The other trick is to add user synonyms for three-letter meanings ending in n, particularly for japanese loanwords like yen. I can’t be the only one who types “yenn” from all the double-n-to-type-ん in reading reviews…

If I totally misunderstood you and you were indeed questioning why things are counted wrong in general, I’m sorry, but I can’t help you there. :grin: :wink:


It’s because all three letter meanings have to be exact matches.

I would just install the double check script to avoid this.

I’m pretty sure it is fixed, but I could be wrong.

@morteasd You’re right, it’s a fixed number of replacements, deletions, or insertions for a given string length. I only wrote “roughly” because it isn’t strictly proportional (that would mean something like one character of leeway per 4 characters in a string, which it isn’t; I’m pretty sure the leeway grows faster than that).

@Stay_coolXD Other than explicitly blacklisted items (e.g. probably east for west and vice versa; you’ll find a few more requested if you go through the typos thread), meaning is irrelevant to whether a typo is accepted or not. That said, “mann” would at least be a correct translation for German. Learning a second language on the side? :stuck_out_tongue:

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