A little leeway on wrong answers

I feel Wanikani shouldn’t mark your answer as wrong the first time unless you actually check the meaning/reading. One little typo can ruin your progress. Thoughts?

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I used to get bothered when a typo set me back. Then somewhere along the line someone on the forum said that they didn’t sweat it because it just gave them another opportunity to keep reviewing the word. I thought that was a good way to look at it. If you truly know the word you’ll clean up the leach pretty quickly going forward. Or if it really bugs you get the double check script.


That depends on the wrong kind of answer: if it’s in the meaning of the kanji/vocab, WK already gives you leeway (1-3 characters, I believe, depending on the length of the word) and lets you add synonyms (e.g. if you use the word differently or want to add it in your own language). As for typos when you answer with hiragana, there’s no way around writing it correctly. Nor should there be, IMHO, because what looks like a little difference (つ instead of づ for example), can give you a different word (or be just plain wrong). :slight_smile:

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Use double-check and/or Anki mode for meanings (not readings!).

I get that having to input an answer might deter some people from cheating, but IMHO it’s just reinforcing a wrong view that vocab words map 1:1 from Japanese to English.

I’m talking more about bad spelling. I keep getting caterpillar wrong because I can’t spell it without spellcheck. It gets so utterly butchered that Wanikani thinks I’m writing nonsense…


If there are some specific words that you know you get wrong to that degree, can you add (one or more) user synonyms of your misspelling? That way you can at least focus on the Japanese side of things, and not get punished for English spelling quirks.


What @Omun said is the best remedy IMHO. This way you get to at least not stumble across a couple of words you have trouble spelling in English :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you. That’s why I usually expanded on the WK kanji by added all the synonyms from jisho and other sources. The more you understand the scope of the kanji or vocab, the better you’ll be able to feel comfortable when seeing it at large, and not just as a piece-meal review here or elsewhere. :slight_smile:

Sorry if I ask but I’m a relatively new user too: I only review via the Tsurukame app on my phone and I never noticed you could add your own synonyms, could you teach me how to do it?

Hello and good luck on your journey! I would love to, but, actually, you’re right, as far as I know, it’s not possible to add synonyms on Tsurukame. I used the regular WK website for learning new vocab and added those right after doing lessons while in the overview screen of the lessons (because you’re not able to add synonyms while doing lessons). Sorry!

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