I am thinking of Making a python script which will give you a excel file for all the Vocab words, Kanji words, Level and Vocab unlock time(first half second half or just after reaching the level)

Ok, so let’s start from how I got here I wanted to create a schedule with every little detail calculated so I tried to find the exact kanji and vocab available according to level and when they will unlock so I can understand how many lesson to do for optimal time and when. But I couldn’t find anything like it so I decided to take it into my own hands to make it. If decent number of people want it I will make a GitHub repository for it and update here.
That’s all thanks.

Edit:- Since you guys asked for it here is the repo link it’s still a work in progress.

Edit2:- The main features of it is completed and working I will upload a Google drive link to the excel file shortly.


Might be interesting, I wouldn’t mind a link to the repo if you do one. I’ve bookmarked your topic if you do end up doing it.

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Currently only 2 main features are missing:-
1.Export is not completed
2. Creating a cache

Addition Features:-
Creating a proper readme
Adding proper API key storage
Making a ui (maybe)( very low chances)

I just had another idea I was thinking of adding like an extra column for vocab with easy medium and hard. Easy for when both the meaning and the reading are the same as the kanji and you don’t have to learn anything new. Medium is when there is either one of them is new. And Hard is when both the things are new. What do you think?

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