I am finally finished!


Just needed to show my excitement to others in the community.
I just finished guruing my last kanji and just learned my last vocab word that WK offers!
Now to start burning and go back to the grammar books.


Congrats! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? :slight_smile:





I’ll probably be joining you in about a month or two. I seriosuly consider reviving previously burned levels after that… Although I probably shouldn’t. What do you plan to do? Just reviews until everything is burned?




I will continue for some time but i think i will start over some day. I need to look up grammar again since it has been a while since I had looked over my notes and books.


That’s awesome to see someone make it all the way through, considering I’ve just begun. I honestly feel excited for you. So does Jotaro. :wink:


Good job ora’d out all levels. Now go celebrate!




I am a simple potato; I see Jotaro, I upvote.

w8, wrong website




I hope to reach that day someday…


How long did it take you? Did you go at it continuously or take some breaks along the way? Were you also studing other Japanese sources our just focusing exclusively on WK?


Congratulations !!!


It took me almost three years because I wanted to take my time to learn the material well. I paced myself with 10 lessons a day while continuing to keep my reviews to 0. I did take some breaks but they were short because I was on vacation or at a con. My longest level to complete was level 21 with 72 days because I was in Japan without internet access. I did take advanced Japanese courses on my first year of WK but after that, I relied on WK only.



Thanks for sharing, it’s actually quite motivating to read about your success.



Hi Yuannu.
Congrats! I wish I was at your place right now. That being said, I need to know something.

Does WK really help you in your Japanese reading?
As of now, I aim to read fluently. I need testimony from those who reachWhat are your th


You will need to supplement WaniKani with other resources in order to read, especially fluently. WaniKani’s main purpose is to teach kanji and their different readings.


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