I’m addicted to wanikani

Hi my name is Saudym and I’m addicted to wanikani. It’s frustrating at times because I have to wait hours and hours before I can do anything else. Anybody else going through this? Is it supposed to be this slow at first? I’m level one.


It’s not just you! WaniKani uses SRS, which means that items are given to you incrementally, based on your recognizance. When you’ve got so few items (i.e. in the very beginning) it can feel like it’s taking forever, but it will pick up!

Some people enjoy self-study userscripts in order to pass the time, other people spend time on the forums, and still others use other websites to practice stuff like grammar.

Above all else, just remember - everything is spaced out for a reason! It’ll pick up, so stick with it!

Also have a look at the unofficial FAQ, which answers this and some other questions :slight_smile:


I know how it feels. I started last week and without many unlocks it seems like I had very little to do. Right now I’m almost to level 3 so I get a solid 50-90 reviews a day. I expect it to keep growing until it hits an equilibrium when I start burning cards.

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I wish I was addicted, I took a little break in my school holidays ans now im having some trouble getting back into wanikani

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Soon you’ll get sooooooo many reviews to fix your addiction that you‘ll wish you’d never started the habit, hahahahaha


I understand you so much! Finally, I have a great valid reason to procrastinate my work :rofl::rofl::rofl:

btw, things will get much more intense soon! :+1:


Same boat here! I’m currently passing the time between reviews by going through the list of available user-scripts, tweaking some for a little personalization, probably write a couple myself, and just generally stalking my dashboard.

Otherwise I get my language-learning fix via other apps for grammar, speech, etc.

Yup, been there lol
But yeah, at first it’s slow and nice, but soon enough you go through a lot of content and it’s easy to not space out the lessons so that you get a TON of reviews later.

Like, I just paid after being on level 3 for a while deciding to pay, and I had like 60 lessons from level 4 already waiting there… I obviously did them all in one sitting and I’ve been getting reviews of over 20, even 60 items, on the same day lol my accuracy was pretty poor, but just now I went through a bunch of the new items and I was already remembering them

so yeah, WK is great, but be sure to take a nice pace on the later levels

I think every beginner did a topic like this here(including me lol).

Here is the best tip you will get here: Don’t question anything, trust WaniKani.

I trust WaniKani so much to the point where if I see a new Kanji I will say the following: “I won’t even bother learning it, I will wait until I see it on WaniKani…”


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