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Week 5 24 September 2022
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this is last week’s page :wink:

Ugh, thanks for noticing

sure thing! the numbering can be a bit off/hard to keep track of so always check it :saluting_face:

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Arg, my OCD is not allowing me to get past this one tiny sentence. It’s not even that important.

On page 66, Leorio is looking at the map and says


I’m pretty sure he’s saying something like “Zaban region, where the venue is located, is a huge city and it’s even on the map.”

I think it’s the usage of 乗ってる that’s messing with me. I looked through my monolingual dictionaries and I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. Can someone verify that it means “to be printed” here?


It certainly seems like it

Zaban, where the venue is at is such a big city, that it’s even on the map

乗る/載る(のる)の意味 - goo国語辞書
Goo seems to imply that maybe 乗る and 載る can mean the same thing? And of course 載るis “printed, included”


Here’s my translation of the first few pages (ごめんなさい for any major errors.) Feedback would be helpful.

Title: The Ultimate Choice

The hunter meeting guide

It is a notice given to hunter applicants. when they start their test, only the rough places are not written on this.

Relying on a little information, they must find the meeting place. This also is a kind of test to narrow down applicants.

Page 64

Leorio: Incredible, there are people. Let me see, the bus to Zaban city is…

Kurapika: Probably they have mostly the same goal as us.

Page 65

Gon: Captain, many thanks!! I hope you are healthy.

Captain: Yeah, I’m in nice health.

Captain: The last advice you’ll get from me is go to that hill’s solitary Japanese pine. That is a shortcut to the hunter exam location.

Gon: Understood, thanks!

Captain: Be at peace Jin. You raised your son a good boy.

Also, is there any way to make it so you can condense text until you click an arrow? I’ve seen others do it.

About the usage of 乗ってる: Maybe this is too literal an interpretation, but definition #4 of 乗る in has:
人が、交通上のルートを利用して移動する。(use a transportation route to travel)
文型: <人>が<道>にのる

It’s (such a) big city that it’s even properly “ridden to” on the map (present progressive indicating state).
Or in other words, there’s a marked transportation route between here and there.

It’s not a great translation, but it sort of made sense when followed later with:


I think you’re right.

Now that I think about it…

Leorio knows that they have to go to Zaban city. But they were told by the captain to head toward the solitary pine tree. Then Leorio goes to the map and says そりゃおかしい (“That’s strange…”).

“Zaban district, where the venue is located, is a huge city that even has a map with proper transportation.”

So what was it that he found strange? I’m guessing it’s the fact they were told to walk to a tree on a hill (in the opposite direction, mentioned in the next frame) instead of taking a bus directly to the city.

I can live with that. Thank you :pray:

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like this:
This text will be hidden

But use brackets instead of parentheses

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I would make a slight correction. Here there is grammar using しか and a negative verb.

“Notice that is given to hunter applicants.
Only the exam starting date and time and a general location are written here”

More info on this grammar here.

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Week 6 is up and running!

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