How useful is WaniKani after reaching level 60?

Hello. This is my first community post I do here. I enjoyed WaniKani so far and improved really fast. In fact, I will probably reach level 60 with the current pace next year, before my subsription ends. However, the current cheaper subscription prices would probably lower down the cost for lifetime premium membership to around 130 $.
That said, is it worth it to keep the WaniKani subscription around after being finished and having every item at least Enlightened or should I just let the subscription run out after that?
If it is useful, what can WaniKani be utilized for afterwards?

Already thanks in advance for the responses :slight_smile:

here are two reasons to buy lifetime subscription.

  1. there could be some events in your life in which you can’t continue learning new lessons as quickly as now.
  2. after you leach level 60, wanikani can be a very convenient tool to maintain kanji kowledge. since wanikani knows which kanji you remember, it can be more efficient way than others. using api, you can even revive specific burned items you forgot.
  1. You keep the system running and support the best and efficient Kanji learning tool existing with all the great content, updates and community members. Throw it to the Crabigator :pray:

This is what i did. I had a yearly sub and I had plenty of time to finish WK, then I just kept reviewing until the subscription ran out. I had gotten to 80% burns by then and I was plenty happy about that. Of course, then they started adding new items last year and I never finished those new lessons…until this year when I felt like I had been forgetting a bit too much of my kanji.

So, it’s like @Atria put it, WK can be a convenient way to maintain kanji knowledge. For example, you can unburn items, wholel levels, and start those items over in the SRS. If you then feel you’re done for the time being, you can immediately reburn the items and move onto refreshing your knowledge of other kanji.

But, I think it’s also fair so say, WK can only do so much for you. It’s not a means to an end in and of itself.

So, while it might seem a bit sad to never finish WK by burning all items, that could take you literally years to accomplish. The time you put into that could very well be spent doing other things, listening comprehension, output practice (talking/writing) or just reading actual text in Japanese.

I feel like, it’s probably a very individual answer here. I felt like WK was a relaxing thing to be doing during my day, and it helps me maintain knowledge even when I don’t feel like reading. But, for others, it’s better to just move onto something else. :slight_smile:


I only reached 60 recently so take it with a grain of salt, but even with lifetime (I’m glad I got it because it took me 4 years to reach 60), I don’t see myself unburning items in the future to practice them here. If I feel like I lose any specific item that much I’m probably not seeing it while I’m using Japanese so maybe I don’t need it so much? And/or, I might just find it more useful to put it into a different system to see if that could help me remember it better.

WK was always a means to an end for me, the end wass to learn kanji well enough to be able to read. And since I reached the end, I hope reading is will keep my knowledge fresh.

I still have a few months of reviewing left to cement the last 10ish levels of content. Maybe I’ll change my mind later. :woman_shrugging:


I do agree with this. Worth noting though that the longer you do this, the less time you probably need to spend on WK after level 60 burns come in since you’ll have far fewer items that need burning. The right study strategy would probably have you burn most of your leeches on your next burn attempt after a burn is failed anyway.

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How long will the sale last? I’m interested in buying but can’t shell out the bucks now.

it says until January 6th 2023

but there’ll be one next year too

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if only reality was so sweet. :joy: Sadly, having to spend several years to reach 100% is not made up. You will likely fail multiple burn attempts for some items, prolonging the process months at a time. But, all the more the reason to simply just move on, imo. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in redoing levels to further cement those items into your memory, it makes more sense to continue using WK for this specific purpose. ^^

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