How to use the Heatmap Script

This post is about how to use the Heatmap script. It displayed a colored calendar such as this one.

If you move the mouse pointer over a day it displays the number of reviews for the day. You can set it to display the number of lessons but I am interested in the reviews. At first I thought of this script as a source of data to support my motivation. Then someday I clicked on one day on a whim. Surprise! Detailed data popped up. There is more to this script than what meet the eye.
The data differs depending on whether you click on the yellow area or the green area. The yellow area is the future. It contains data about the reviews that are currently scheduled for the day. In particular there is a break down of the reviews by SRS stage. Did you ever wondered how big of a workload the Guru/Master/Enlightened reviews are? Heatmap tells you this. You will know if this workload is a sizeable chunk of your total workload. You will know if it is spread evenly in time or if there are big spikes on some days.
Break down by SRS level
The green area is the past. It contains data about the reviews that were actually performed this day. In particular there are accuracy statistics. This is great to bask in contentment when you did good on a particular day. You may also be depressed if you did bad. It also keeps tack of the effect of changes to your Wanikani routine. For example I decided to add some extra studying to my routine because I was unsatisfied with my accuracy. I knew subjectively that it worked great but with Heatmap I can back this up with data.
Here is a typical day before I introduced the extra studying:
Accuracy avant
Here is a typical day after the extra studying.
Accuracy apres


Thanks for making this! It’s cool to see how people are using the script.

I think most people may not know of this “hidden” feature. I’ve been wondering about how to make it clearer. I’ll probably add some info in the hover details.


Thanks for having written the script.


Huh, I’ve stared at the heatmap a lot but didn’t even think to click the days to see what would happen. Thanks for the tip!


Yes, this hidden feature should be englightened.


Nah it should be burned. :smiley:
Sorry couldn’t help it.


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