How to study for the n2/n1?

So to start I passed the n3 last year in December, I’m kinda lazy so I haven’t really been doing much but I still want to pass the n2 in December this year.But I really feel like I’m not learning in a way that’s expanding my knowledge past the exam format , which I can’t apply to real life .So suggestions many people say to start getting into native resources at that point but I’m not sure .


I think the suggestion is to start getting into native content after passing the N4, so…

What do you want to use Japanese for?
Work on that instead.


I think the big leap many people feel from N3 to N2 and then N1 is the expected reading speed and length of texts. The best way I know to attack that is to do a lot of reading of native materials. It almost doesn’t matter what – anything you enjoy and will help keep you motivated to do the reading is good and will help get your comprehension speed up. Similarly I expect that listening to any kind of native listening materials will help to get your ear trained for the listening portions.

Grammar, vocab, etc are just “more of the same”; if you’re reading more then they should be more usefully contextualised as you see them turn up in what you read.