How to resurrect/burn an item?

I cannot find an API call to resurrect things, I mean, that surely is possible right? Could someone point me to how to do it? And the same thing, I don’t see API to burn an item.

I don’t know about resurrected items, but for burned items there is this.

If you create a review for a currently Enlightment item and there is zero incorrect answers I think the item will get burned.

There is no public endpoint for resurrecting and burning (resurrected) items. There’s an internal endpoint you could use, though, which you will find on the item pages. There’s no documentation for it, so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself


That’s a shame :confused: I really wish companies would put out complete APIs… last time I needed to do something with resurrecting, I’ve just ended up with selenium, so I hoped API appeared in the mean time. Obviously not :frowning:

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Resurrecting seems to be done using this endpoint from other posts I’ve found:{id}/resurrect