How to read graded reader online?

The white rabbit app not contain all book already have, it only have some (2-3) stories for level 1-3 ( most is 4)
I deleted their app right after check
Is there any digital version of all 1-4 vol japanese graded reader ??? I mention both free and pay
I think it is better for newbie before Yotsuba
The physical version simply too expensive for what they give, over 400$ for all in whiterabbit site, I can’t afford it

The app has different stories, if I remember correctly.



this site maybe seems overwhelming for me, it’s have list on ton of site and I will never have enough time to read all

so, physical ? after all ?

Why not trying one from the app first?
With the app you can purchase each story as a stand alone, comparing to the books where every level is a series of 5 books and it is indeed quite costly.

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Well obviously you don’t have to read them all


I would also say that you probably don’t need to read every story. The app will allow you to purchase just one or two from a particular level: that way you can judge whether the level is right for you without having to pay a lot for a physical set.

You also probably don’t need to progress through all the levels, to be honest. I progressed to native material after level 2 of the Ask Graded Readers (they go up to level 4). I definitely wouldn’t have bothered with higher than level 3, and I didn’t read all of the stories from the earlier levels.


It’s not exactly the same amount of work to publish a tale aiming at a broader audience than to do a graded reader, where you have to seamlessly chop a story and make it to fit into a coherent tale to match learners ability while keeping it an insteresting story… so yeah, that and the fact that they have an audiobook included, makes the price to be much higher than a native book :wink: .

I would say that If you’re still at a level that native content seems too difficult or too narrow a selection to make it interesting (as can be the case when toddler’s level :sweat_smile: ) graded readers are your best bet.
Try a single story from white rabbit maybe … a full book by Ask / Taishukan… they’re great :hugs: (I’m a big fan of graded readers by the way :sweat_smile: )

Making a constant habbit out of reading probably it’s the most difficult thing, but in the end one of the most powerful tools to stick with learning. Frustrating experiences at the start, boring or too childish stories can really kill the mood for learning a difficult language… so yeah, cool stories that you can read along the audio, or use to practice listening afterwards it something I’m all too grateful to have found so early when learning.

There’re a lot of resources I’ve bought before hand and now are collecting dust or I’ve just give them away to my local japanese library (textbooks, some dictionaries, grammar resources, native material too childish for my taste…) . Graded readers ain’t one of those.
Reading now material aimed at 10-12 year old kids, where luckily the selection gets much broader, still I’m picking up the last volumes from my graded readers (level 4-5) when I want to read something quick, and I’m not really up for looking much in the dictionary (something that it goes still hand by hand if reading any native content). So I can manage 30-40 pages in one sit, something unheard of for me with native content.

Anyway, sorry for the aimless rant about graded readers :sweat_smile: … I’ve been reading my last ones this week and feels like a mode of reading I’ll be missing… or just will be back once I’m much more advance at it :sweat_smile:

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I just done something (search) on whiterabbit and they give me a ton of graded readers book including naze doshite that is current reading in our club! I wondering ebookjp have the digital version of these?

There’re graded readers for japanese learners (the first series in your search, Ask and Taishukan collections been the most populars perhaps), adn then there’re graded readers for japanese kids なせ、どうして … etc … personally I’m going through one of those too the 10分で読める伝記… jumping from level 3 learners colection to the first volume of the kids graded readers was a steep road to climb :sweat_smile:

Yes, they do, but as Ncastaneda said, these are very different from Graded Readers aimed at foreign learners.

They are aimed at Japanese children, who have a very different language learning experience. That’s not to say they won’t be useful, but just be aware that they aren’t the same.

okay, maybe I will only seek for yotsuba, because these graded reader are out of reach on my financial status, sadly

A bit of a side note, but I wish there was an online graded reader site like this English one ( My Japanese labmates use this in their English class (their teacher asks them to read ~50,000 words a semester) and I’m so jealous because they don’t have to pay anything + there’s a wide selection of things to read + they can read as much as they like (whether they actually want to read anything in English is another story altogether).

If anyone builds a site like this for Japanese, I think they could earn a lot and would help so many learners. I’m working through the Ask Graded Readers myself and I really like them, but the cost is a bit prohibitive D:

Wow… how are those free? They have deals with so many big-name publishers.

Try pricing them from and see how much shipping is to your country.

Yotsuba is going to be challenging if you are at the graded reader level since there is a lot of colloquial inflection. They are both quite different.

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Well, not technically free. Our university pays for them. But I just checked the pricing, and the school pays around 500 yen/student/month and they can get discounts for more students and for longer subscriptions etc. But it’s pretty cheap regardless.

Oooooooh. Okay, that makes much more sense. I just couldn’t understand how it was free :joy:

Thanks for sharing this resource! Love it!

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