How to properly and consistently practice listening

i can recommend animelon too.

while i appearantly am pretty much in the exact same position as @ RysingDragon, i would still advise against using japanese subtitles. At least from my personal experience, if your reading comprehension is far better than your listening comprehension, having japanese subtitles makes you rely on your reading too much. Thus it is not really listening practice.


lmao thank you very much sir. Its been awhile since I got it, but ill gladly accept any congratulation.

Pretty much. Use the LLN extension if youre using netflix to blur subtitles so you can toggle them visible/invisible if you wanna practice listening.

Alright. I looked into it before a bit but seemed to be a bit of a pain to get it working on Linux or Mac (or doesn’t at all). But I can’t trust a free VPN, anyway.

I’ve been vacillating on this. I’m partially deaf, so I need subtitles in English a lot of the time too. I’m practicing both with and without subtitles. The jury’s still out, but I think I’m getting something out of both approaches.

I have exactly the same issue.

For me, I will keep using Japanese subtitles whenever it’s an option. Should I? Maybe not, but when I struggle listening even in English, I don’t see the point of having higher expectations of myself in Japanese. It’d be better to listen without subs, but my right ear isn’t gonna suddenly start hearing just because it’s better for language learning.

Listening and speaking are by far my worst skills though. I try as much as possible but I do have to accept that it IS naturally gonna lag behind for me.

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Watching Anime without subs is currently a bullet I’m trying to bite. I have been watching a lot with Japanese subtitles, and I have found it very helpful to get used to the cadence of sentences.

That being said, I (and probably many other WKers) have the opposite problem of more traditional learners. I use Kanji as a crutch for understanding.

I tried watching something without subs today, and the word 平気 was used. My brain fell behind on recognizing it. I heard ‘hey-ki’, and I thought, that sounds familiar, but what does it mean? I had to type へいき out in hirigana for me to recall the vocab. If I had subs in front of me, I would have recognized it right away, but I think that would have kept the word tucked in my ‘reading’ comprehension box, and not improved my ‘listening’ comprehension.

To truly hone listening, I think it has to be done in lieu of subtitles.

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