How to pace myself the best?


Hello, absolute beginner here.

I am still in the phase where Kanji seems like this insurmountable mountain in front of me and I was wondering how I would pace myself the best in order to not get overwhelmed.

Right now I try to keep my apprentice items to < 30 approx and not take any new lessons untill I get this number lower. Should I dare to go higher, is this a viable approach, wont I get overwhelmed with lessons? Or is this a good way to prevent an overload of reviews?


Im a complete beginner to the language as well, and for me it took some trial and errors until I found the perfect pace for me. I would say test it out, you have tried 30 apprentice items now why not try 40 and see if you feel any difference?

I think that keeping the apprentice level around where you feel is good for you, and you wont feel overwhelmed is the right strategy to follow, along with not doing any more lessons until you have that apprentice level covered.

My pace right now is 80-100 apprentice items, and it fits me just perfectly. It’s managable, but not overwhelming. But to find the right pace for you, just try and see for yourself. You will know when you have gone overboard and vice versa, just take a small step at the time until you find the pace that you think fits you. Also don’t do all lessons available at once, that will surely overwhelm you.

That would be my recommendation.


I definitely try to space out my lessons. Everyone has there own ideal pace, but since I want to level up every 7 days (the fastest is 6 days 20 hours, for levels after…3? or 4?), and there are typically around 130-150 lessons per level, I try to do 20-25 lessons a day.

I use the re-order script to do all my radicals first, then do kanjis over the next couple days.

I also do my lessons 5-10 at a time, usually 3 times a day (before work, during lunch, and after work or before bed). This keeps the reviews fairly spread out.

As long as I don’t get too many wrong, my apprentice count usually stays around 90-100. (Currently at 69, but still need to do 20 more lessons today…). The common number I see on the forums is to keep apprentice below 100.


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