How to optimize my routine further?

Hey guys and girls!

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I would love to know how you insane people managed to keep your level under 8 days.

My current routine follow @jprspereira awesome guide. I start my morning at 8AM, do all the review and 20 lessons, if available. Then I have another review session at 12PM, and another one at 8PM. So, my 8 days looks something like:

  • 1st: learn all the radical, and some kanji. At the end of this day, I’ll have most radical at apprentice 3.
  • 2nd: learn all the current level kanji, learn some of the last level vocab. Review. Radical at apprentice 4.
  • 3rd: learn some of last level vocab. Review.
  • 4th: still learning vocab. Usually this is the day when I get another 0 lesson/0 review streak. Radical at Guru.
  • 5th: learn the new kanji.
  • 6th: learn the new level vocab. Last kanji at apprentice 4.
  • 7th: learn the new level vocab.
  • 8th : learn the new level vocab. Guru the last Kanji. Next day is back to 1st.

If I follow this routine correctly, I will get it done in 8 days sharp. So how do I get to 7 days? Even if I learn kanji immediately at 8PM on the 4th day, apprentice 2 will be on 8AM on the 5th day, apprentice 3 will be on 8PM, which technically means I will guru on the 8th days anyway.

So any help *debugging* my routine is appreciated.


Sorry for the continuous tagging (notice me senpai), but @jprspereira, how the heck do you even get that 7.00 days streak? :scream:

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For 7 day levels you need to learn the second batch of kanji immediately upon guruing the radicals, and then roughly hit the 4- and 8-hour reviews for them as well.

Here’s my schedule as an example. It has levels starting on thursday nights because that’s just where it happened to fall when I eventually decided to start doing 7 day levels, but anyway: (I sleep from around 1-2am to around 9-10am)

Thu 8pm start radicals
midnight review 1
Fri 10am review 2
Sat 10am review 3
Mon 10am guru radicals, start final kanji
Mon 2pm review 1
Mon 10pm review 2
Tue 9pm review 3
Thu 8pm guru kanji, start next level

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This is my routine:

Saturday Evening: unlock radicals, kanji, vocabulary. use the reorder script to learn all radicals and kanji as soon as they unlock. look them over several times after on my own and set an alarm for when the reviews appear. do those reviews when they unlock.

Sunday Afternoon: learn all vocabulary left over using the reorder script from the previous day. i usually separate them into 30

Wednesday Morning: use the reorder script to learn the second half of the level kanji. review throughout the day on my own.

Wednesday Afternoon/Evening: learn the vocabulary.

Saturday Evening: final level reviews done, new items unlock, rinse and repeat

Certainly, you don’t have to be here every waking moment. Showing up twice a day absolutely and clearly works. I personally do all reviews for radicals and kanji when they unlock, even if that means waking up in the middle of the night. It keeps me excited and motivated, and that’s just what works for me!

This schedule has my stats looking like:

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Thanks for the reply guys.

I see what’s missing now. Apparently if I add another review at 12 AM in the 5th days where i learn the new radical, it will result in a whooping decrease of at least 12 hours.

I guess that solve that. I’ll try this out for this level, and will report the result :smiley:


Good luck!! :smiley: You got this!!

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From my guide :v:

You’re probably missing the 3rd rule? o:

Also, for 7 days per level, you can’t get radicals/almost any kanji wrong. This requires spending a few extra minutes reviewing those same items right after learning them. Personally, I used the self-study script for that :slight_smile:

Somehow I missed that one. I’ll go through the guide once again. :cry:

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RIP :joy::heart:

You can, but I think you already got your situation sorted out :slight_smile: Btw, congratz on wanting to fight for that 7day levels! It’s tough!

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I decided to start leveling up faster and will start using this schedule now, thank you!!!

Update: I did it. Level 11 took me 7 days 10 hours. And that’s only because I delay the radical learning by 12 hours (from 8PM to 8AM). It’s a bit harder than I thought, because of the workload increase. Maybe the radical overhaul is partly to blame as well?

Let’s see if I can make it to 6 days 22 hours this time. Wonder if I can keep up with this pace at all, because the lesson is starting to pile up.

Good luck!!!

I tried the same but fell sick so starting todaaaay!

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