How many number kanji do you learn here and why?

I’m considering upgrading my account but I wanna know first just how many numbers it’s trying to teach and why? For example, my vocab piece I have to memorize right now is “forty two”. Not only are there infinite numbers in the world, but in Japanese once you know the base numbers you can count to them all anyways, and once you know the kanji you can read any number anyways. It seems so absolutely pointless that I have to be quizzed on these and so I really wanna know when it will end? Is forty two the last one or is it going to try and get me to “memorize” more random numbers I already know perfectly well just to inflate the vocab numbers.

I don’t want to pay 9 dollars a month to learn random number combinations as if it’s vocab that needs to be memorized when it’s most definitely not. You can show any number in Japanese and its easily readable whether it’s the first time you seen that specific number or not. Why are these in here.

The only reason for the vocab is to provide examples so you can remember the Kanji better. Wanikani is not primarily a vocabulary learning site. Also “Forty-Two” is a reference to a certain Scifi-Novel. :wink:


They just gave you that one to show how they do the four tens two system, and 42 is specific :wink:

You will learn certain words you’ll feel “why?” about, but all of them are usefull and most of them you will agree are important to learn.

You will learn all the most important kanji, 2000+
And there are 6000+ vocab chosen to strengthen your understanding and memory of those kanjis.
Some lesser words are chosen cause there are no better ones, but the kanji needs to be solidified through some vocab so they use it anyway. But it is not so bad that it is bad, and most will agree that “but you are likely enough to encounter the word, so it isn’t useless”

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To answer both your questions, no there are no more of these (unless you count counter number vocab but honestly, no one is arguing that that’s easy)

For your other question, if you didn’t know numbers were easy to connect on japanese then you would need these examples to extrapolate from. If you come to english and learn the numbers from one to ten you still wouldn’t be able to say 42 would you? WK doesn’t assume you have this knowledge


You can use the forum search, this was discussed before extensively.

Some reasons:

  • Numbers need some vocab as well
  • in the early levels there are not so many kanji to form compounds
  • sometimes there is a rendaku
  • examples for counter suffixes
  • general counting (hundreds, thousands) for beginners

I would say it stops around level 10, and there are maybe 10–20(?) which could be counted as unnecessary counting.

[Assuming that you don’t think stuff like 一人, 二人 is unnecessary]


I’m confused.

But anyway, the answer to your question is “yes, every vocab item past level 3 is some variation of the number forty two.” The site is a scam, so get out while you can.

I couldn’t even pass N42 after reaching level 60.


I never thought it was a scam, more that if it’s going to be a prominent chunk of “vocab” that I may as well go use Anki for free and skip all these numbers. Thankfully though everyone except you pointed out that forty two is one of the last of these and I don’t need to worry.

I’m pretty sure they’re all bots used to trick noobs into subscribing.

Gotta get started on my stack of 1000 number reviews though, so I’ll catch ya later.


It would be nice if WaniKani let non-subscribers partially view all of the levels. This wouldn’t include the mnemonics or sentences of course, but being able to view all of the kanji and vocab available would be helpful.

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You’re paying 9$ a month to learn kanji efficiently. The vocabulary is just a bonus and helps immensely to solidify readings and meanings. Having some number vocab after learning the number kanji is only logical. Keep in mind you only get vocab that is relevant to the kanji you learn, so unless future kanji serve as a counter of some sort, seeing numbers again is unlikely.


I downloaded a statistic add on from this site last month, showing your progress, expected end date and so on. It also shows all the 60 level kanji and vocabulary. No translations or anything, just the kanji and vocabulary you can expect in each future level. I’m almost at the end of level 3 now and I decided to subscribe.

Does the stats site show all kanji for level 3 and below users? Not that it’s super hard to guess which kanji make up most of the site if you know about most kanji lists that are in the 2000 kanji range.

Yes it does.

It shows them, but you can’t see any details. You can’t see readings or meanings used on the site, let along things like which vocab are on the site for each kanji.

Obviously people can figure that information out with some effort and by discovering the stats site, but it would be better to have that information natively on WaniKani.

There is 2011年 at some point, as well, but no, it’s not a ‘significant’ portion of the site.

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