How many new Kanjis/Vocab. do you learn per day?

I do everything new in one day. At the moment it works out pretty well, since I know a lot of Kanji, that are currently taught, already from my other studies. Don’t know if I can keep this pace up tho. ^^

It often ends up in 100+ review sessions, but thats alright. My brain can handle it for now.


I don’t really have a fixed schedule for lessons. I have a hard time fitting WK into my schedule, so if I find the time, I just do all the lessons I can. Depending of how fast I level, though, I end up having a queue tens of items long, which is a bit daunting.

For me consistency is very important when using WK. By consistency I mean doing the same amount of itens per day and doing a minimum of reviews per day (like one in the morning and one at night - if possible one in the afternoon, but not required). That way you’ll have always more or less the same number of itens in your practice and guru list (after some time of doing this, after you reach an equilibrium) and you’ll have more or less the same number of reviews per day. So you always know how the load is going to be and you are never surprised or overwhelmed (and you will be advancing in a steadly pace, not going super slow with sudden bursts or super fast and getting overwhelmed by the amount of information).

Well, that’s my way of viewing it.

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Is there a way to control what lessons you do? It sounds like people are choosing to do a set amount of kanji/vocab per day rather than doing whatever lessons are given to them.
When I hit level 2, I got blasted with about 40 some level 1 vocab + 20/30 new level 2 radicals and kanji. I would have liked to have done about 20 vocab then maybe a handful of radicals but it seemed like the lessons were forcing me to go through all 40 of the vocabulary first before letting me touch the next level radicals.
Maybe it’s the skip button in the upper left? Curiosity hasn’t gotten the best of me yet to click it, but I have wondered what it does…

That said I try to just stick to 20 kanji or vocab per day. Radicals are easy enough that I can usually just power through them though.

I’m on a very strict 7 day/level cycle and I just do all my lessons/reviews as soon as they’re available (and I’m awake.)

Honestly, it’s about two hours of work doing the final apprentice review, then lessons, then reviews from 1 + 2 weeks ago Friday morning and Monday evening. Beyond that, it’s not too bad. It’s like 15 minutes of review Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Thursdays I get completely off barring a few reviews I got wrong popping up here and there.

I expect it might get worse in a couple of months when it comes time to start burning. Even with only one month since I last saw an item, I usually miss 1-3 items, so I imagine it’s be much worse when it’s been four months since I saw some of these items.

There’s a userscript that supposedly does what you want. Wanikani Reorder Ultimate [old version, not working]

I’ve never used it, though, I only hear about it here in the forums. I rely a lot on vocabulary to truly learn a kanji, so I try not to skip anything. If you don’t feel like it’s important, you can try the script.

For me, it depends. I try to do all the lessons available within 1 or 2 days. Today, I had 15 new kanji and 55 new vocabulary lessons appear. I did all the kanji already and I’ll try to go through all of the vocabulary later today or tomorrow. I’m only level 8, but my goal is to get the vocabulary leveled up as much as possible before I reach the new level. I find that the vocabulary helps me remember things so much better. I can’t imagine reordering to skip it. Maybe if I had a strong background in Japanese and already knew it, I would, but I don’t have that. I don’t see the point of rushing to see the new radicals/kanji.

Most of the time when I do my lessons or reviews, I’m watching TV or listening to a podcast, which keeps things from feeling tedious and ironically helps me concentrate. Time is my biggest constraint. Mentally, it would be overwhelming for me if I had 100+ lessons every day, but it’s never like that, so I’m fine. As long as I do my reviews on time, I’m good.

But I think you should do what feels comfortable to you and what makes you happy. It’s important that the process is enjoyable. People, generally, do worse and are more likely to quit when they’re pushing too hard.

The reorder script isn’t about skipping vocab altogether, although it can but that’s super detrimental to your learning. What I use it for is so that when I level up the items I do is always in this order radicals → kanji → vocab that way I always level up as fast as I can.

Some days I go without doing lessons, actually seems too common. Just after getting though reviews and other Japanese practice I don’t have the energy to do lessons at midnight.
I need to wake up earlier to do them in the morning I think.

I’m about at 20 days a level myself.
It all depends on you and what you can do. No need to rush and just spend as much time as you are able too.

You do realize that the reviews will increase every time items reach a new stage (i.e. when the first reviews for enlightenment and burn start to come up)? If you think 100 reviews per day is too much then you will have to slow down at some point.

Also please be careful of letting all the vocab words pile up in your lesson queue. In the end this vocab is super helpful to reinforce the kanji you learned, and the closest to actual reading that Wanikani gets. If you slack on those you will end up learning very little.

honestly I’m tryng to empty my lesson counter and then, I learn all the kanji I dont remenber while doing some review
Life is all about failure so I dont really care if do some mistake at first :slight_smile:
Just for saying --------------------------) good luck with japanese everyone :slight_smile:

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Yes, I wouldn’t recommend truly skipping anything either. My suggestion was to manipulate the queue to place whatever they want to do at that moment first, so they can achieve their goal of doing fixed amounts per category.

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I do the lessons and reviews when the crabigator says to do them, and in the order the crabigator says to do them. I feel like many of the problems people post about in the forums [note] are directly or indirectly a result of messing with that. Crabigators leave a nasty bite.

[note] However, selection bias: people doing fine tend not to complain about it in the forums.

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I try to do 15-20 per day if I have a lot available (say at the beginning of the level).

I don’t have a fancy re-order script or anything, but if I have a lot of previous level’s vocab and want to get radicals or kanji at the beginning of a level I’ll put it on Shuffle and “re-roll” until I get the lessons I want to see. I still make it a point to do the vocab lessons, I just prioritize radicals at the beginning of a level.

Something maybe worth thinking about:

As you go along in WK, not only do you learn more kanji and vocab, but you get better at learning it. And what I mean by that is that you start to get a feel for how the meaning of compound words derives from the component kanji and you also get better at recognizing when there is a phonetic radical (so you already know how to pronounce the kanji), and you just generally have more practice at memorizing kanji and japanese.
These effects make a big difference in the amount of new material that you can learn in a given time frame.
(This is why for example, each of the JLPT levels has about double the matierial of all previous levels in terms of kanji and vocab. it is assumed that you get about twice as efficient at learning japanese as you progress through each level. This is also the reason that japanese kids learn about double the total amount of kanji they know at each grade level)

So my point is don’t sell yourself short at level 5 and think that your current pace and difficulty is how its how its always going to be.

Just as an example, for me, when I do vocab lessons, I check if the word has the “expected” pronunciation and meaning (which they do 90% of the time). If so I just skip past it, with the expectation that I will never miss it in a review because it “works” exactly how I expect it to based on my current knowledge. I couldn’t have done that at level 5 but now can easily do it with most of my vocab items. So for each given level all I have to remember is the exceptions (which will be 2-5 items per level). So I can easily do 50 vocab lessons in 15-20 min.

So anyway, just wanted to offer a perspective. I think that as you progress, if you give yourself the chance to, you will find that you can exceed your own expectations as to the pace you can comfortably maintain…


Yeah it definitely gets easier. I recently reset and it almost feels like cheating - I took a whole year’s break from WK but I can still remember so much (the system works!). It’s a totally different experience so far - there’s no unfamiliar radicals/kanji during lessons so it’s mostly just relearning mnemonics (if I need to - some kanji are totally burned into my brain and there’s really no point).

I’m still not really planning WK out too much, beyond using the reorder script to smash out all of the radicals/kanji when they first appear, then vocab over the next few days (I am NOT going to leave vocab lessons too late this time!). Plus always doing reviews before any lessons.

I have a feeling this will come back to bite me later (I just had a review queue of 80 and I don’t even have any enlightened yet) but oh well. I’ve brought it down from 1000 before and know how painful and depressing that was, so I never want to let that happen again. I told myself I wouldn’t be all about fast levelling this time, but here I am reordering my lessons and compulsively checking the review timeline dashboard :laughing:

I think when I reach my old level I may change strategy and start doing smaller lessons…I think i’m a WK junkie…please send help!

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It’s okay. I used to think I don’t have much time, but that’s not true - despite being busy working, I can do reviews without problem. In the train during commute, for example, I can hammer out like 100, which then takes roughly 40 minutes (because I’m slow on my phone), but that’s fine - nothing else worth doing while sitting (or standing) there anyway.

I think my limit of doability would be closer to 400-500, but I probably won’t keep that up, so if it gets too much, I’ll just stop doing new lessons and work on reducing the pile for a month or so.

Regarding reorder script: Almost everyone, including myself, seems to do them in the order radicals → kanji → vocab. Maybe it would be smarter to do vocab first, because it still belongs to the level before, and in the grand scheme of things, one hour delay should still not make a big difference.
The reason I think doing vocab first is, it puts you in flashcard mode, you’re already in the flow at the point when radicals and kanji come up. On the other hand, your brain is still fresh at the start of a session, so you might want to take a break after the vocab.
Maybe it balances out by itself.

Yeah I started doing the vocab lessons first (which delayed my radical/kanji lessons) but then got caught in the ‘level up fast’ mode and reverted back. It seemed like a good idea as you’ll never have an ever growing bunch of vocab lessons if you are being slack and level up before doing the vocab lessons.

Keen to hear from anyone that does vocab lessons first and if it’s better.

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I do a minimum of 20 vocab a day and all the kanji and radicals that are available. Except Sundays, Sundays are my level up day so I’m getting ~30 new items already. This means that I end up on 0 lessons on the Saturday usually before I level up so I rarely have backlog unless I miss a day - then I do an extra 5 lessons a day until I make up for lost time. It should be noted that I’m doing 7 day levels so if I do any less lessons I’ll end up with a huge backlog of lessons. I also probably spend a little longer on the lesson screen then most and that’s probably why I can do so many without problem.

Hope this helps :smile:

EDIT: I should mention to people reading through this that I’m in school still, I enjoy Japanese so my life literally consists of school and Japanese, along with all those good essential things like food.

Yeah, I’m not telling to put a halt in the vocab lessons when a new level is reached, but to turn it down to 10 vocab itens perday and do the radical as quickly as possible and the kanjis a number you are confortable (me, 10 per day). After there is no new kanji or radicals, and you’re making them GURU to level up, you switch back to doing 20 vocab per day.