I won't be doing that again

So yesterday i got about 60 new lessons and the proceeded to do them all at once. What a mistake that was! As soon as the first lot of reviews came up I was screwed I could barley remember half (they were all vocab). I had been memorising the radicals and kanji so easily that I figured I would remember the vocab just as easy but no. Is it just me or does anyone else struggle to remember the vocab more than anything? I reckon from now on I will be sticking to 10-20 vocab lessons a day rather than go full steam ahead. I learnt my lesson the hard way.

I’m curious to see how many lessons everyone else does a day or if they do them as soon as they get them.


It’s so easy to go overboard! I feel like the most that people do in a day is usually around… thirty? At least, I usually try go for around 20 to 30 a day! I feel like it’s better to do more lessons when it’s just radicals and kanji, because they do seem to be easier to remember, but when it comes to vocab maybe it would be better to do less. The good thing is, now you know your limits!


At some point, vocabulary became somewhat easier for me… at least the vocab where the reading is intuitive and more obvious based on the readings. But yeah, it can be tricky. Reviewing the vocab right after learning them is not the same as doing it hours later! And getting all the lessons at the same time means you get all the Reviews at the same time too!

Recently, I’ve been doing a handful of lessons earlier in the day and then a handful later in the evening. According to the stats page, I’ve been averaging ~15 lessons a day. I still feel a slight pressure in the workload, but it has become more manageable.


Not sure that I’d say vocab are inherently more difficult than radicals and kanji. Some are just more obvious than others.

Important to be able to recognize that when you learn it. 火山 is a pretty easy vocab word that you almost don’t even have to think about. Others are not so obvious. If when learning a new item you can say to yourself “This meaning probably isn’t going to be obvious when I come back to it” then it’s worth spending a little time on the mnemonic or something to help you out when it comes back around.

The more you do this stuff the better you’ll get at recognizing likely troublesome items.


I can easily remember the meanings, but the readings are killers for me sometimes.


Right now I’m doing 12 lessons per day. Between very roughly levels 10 and 40 I did about 24 per day.

And no, vocab are way easier for me to remember :grin: I think once you get used to how vocabulary works, the vast majority are self-explanatory because you’ve already learnt the kanji, by definition. The kanji, on the other hand, are more likely to be totally unfamiliar. Plus the kanji get more obscure as you progress through the levels.


It makes kind of sense, doesn’t it? I mean with radicals you only have to memorize one meaning, with kanji you only need to memorize one meaning (most of the time) and one reading (most of the time). However, with vocab either the kun- or onyomi reading is needed, meanings are more complex than one-word fragments a lot of the time. You have compound words where you need to know multiple readings of multiple kanji.
In my opinion it’s easy to see why vocab is harder, so don’t worry about it.

(Funnily enough, wkstats.com says that I am better at retaining vocab readings than I am at kanji readings though.)


I usually do 5 new lessons a day unless I move to the next level and have a ton of vocabulary left from the last level. I’m in the boat now so I’m trying to do vocab lessons every hour until I catch up to my new radicals.

In the past I would do every lesson available and found it much harder to remember anything so slowing it down to 5 a day or keeping under 120 Apprentice items has worked well for me now.


The number of lessons I do depends on the type of lesson.
Radicals: All of them in one go. They only have one answer, and plus, sometimes they’re just kanji I’ve already learned being used as radicals.
Kanji: 10 a day. I don’t like to go too fast with kanji, because the shape is usually completely new to me and there’s the addition of a reading. I also like writing them out in a notebook a few times, which makes going through them take a bit longer.
Vocabulary: 20 a day. I personally find vocab to be initially less difficult to remember than kanji, since the readings are often straightforward after being drilled the kanji for some time. If I encounter words I already learned outside WaniKani, I sometimes will even do 25. Vocab is also often paired into helpful sets, like 月額 (monthly amount), 年額 (yearly amount), 多額 (large amount), 全額 (total) etc. which I find to be not that difficult to figure out looking at the components.


I am doing roughly 20-25 lessons on good days :slight_smile: I have been following this guide for a while, and it works for me: My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK open_book )

I wish there was a division between easy vocab and hard vocab, where easy is just on-yomi readings, and hard is all the new kun-yomi readings and rendaku, etc. On bad days, I could just go through all the easy words, and tackle the hard ones when i have more energy !


There is a 20 lessons limit for me.


I hope that point where it becomes easier is soon then :joy: :joy:

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Yeah it’s like I instantly know what it is or I have no clue, I’ll start making a note of the ones I don’t get immediately going forward

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Yeah that’s what I’m getting wrong most of the time too!

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Yeah that makes sense. I hadn’t thought of it like that.

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Also does anyone know if there is a way to do the lessons out of order? I have about 10 more vocab lessons to do before I can do the lessons on the level 5 radicals but I’d rather do the lessons on the radicals because I have already done 15 vocab lessons today.

Dunno why still says level 4 on here but I got to level 5 this morning with a whole 68 new lessons :sweat_smile:

There are reorder scripts, but people often get in trouble when using them. In particular, skipping vocabulary often comes back to bite people.

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Oof, 60 lessons sounds harsh!
Usually the number of lessons I do depend on how many items are still left in my apprentice queue. I try to never have more than 50 items in the apprentice queue at a time. In my experience the number of reviews start getting unmanagable for me if I just power through the lessons, which im turn means I forget stuff I already knew because I can’t review it on time, which means my review queue is just getting more unmanagable.

All things considered I usually do Radicals in one go. There aren’t many and I only need to remember the meaning. With Kanji I do around 10-15 a day and then see if I can still recall them all consistently for 3 consecutive review sessions. If I only get half or less of them right, I won’t do new lessons until I feel confident with them. When it comes to vocab I try to do bigger batches of 20-30 in one go. I feel like, if I know the Kanji well, vocab is quite easy most of the time. Apart from some exceptions the meaning is mostly straight forward and the reading also tends to stick with me quickly (except for verbs which I always have to spend extra time on remembering the reading correctly).


I’ve tried both approaches: 20 per day and clearing out the queue. I’ve found that 20 lessons per day helps with remembering vocab since, by the time they’re unlocked, you’ve already seen that kanji several times. The problem with the queue clearing is you’re hitting vocab for Kanji that you’re still in the process of memorizing.

My current method is to do 20 items per day on Mon/Wed/Fri. That spreads out the times that they come back around again for Guru and Enlightened and gives me off days to ensure that my reviews don’t pile up too much.


Hmm, interesting… I mostly find the opposite. I spend a lot of time with the Kanji and only do 5 lessons a day, occasionally 10 is I missed a day. I take time to write my own mnemonics for each kanji and burn them into my memory as much as I can. Possibly because I spend so much time with the Kanji, I find vocabulary pretty easy and can do 20 or more lessons per day. Then again, I also don’t care as much if I get vocab wrong. I figure if I’m really solid on the Kanji, the rest will come with enough time and practice.