How many lessons in one day?

Hi all, if you are in the lower level, under 10, how many lessons are you doing in one day?
I’m taking it slow, and doing 8 lessons a day.

I’d like to try speed up my process a little now, but would like to get a feel as to what others are doing? Curious.


Hi, Lanii!! This question pops up often because it can seem like you’re setting yourself up for a hard time in the future by doing all of your lessons now. (This is true! It’s good to be conscious of the numbers)

From what I’ve found, I don’t pay attention to the number of lessons exactly, but I do pay attention to the number in the pink “apprentice” box. When that apprentice number is around 50, I find that my daily review load is very manageable. When the number is under 50, I’ll just do however many lessons I need to bring it back up.

Before I paid much attention to it, I would have 150-200 items in my apprentice box at a time and wonder why I was being overwhelmed with reviews :sweat_smile: But anyway, in my opinion, keeping an eye on the number in the Apprentice box is more important than only doing a certain number of lessons per day.


So is generally good to limit your lessons to what you feel comfortable doing. There is a balancing act with the number of apprentice items too.

I do a set number depending on my mood. 15 if I’m really open to learning new stuff. 10 if I’m feeling alright. 5 if I’m not super motivated. 0 if I got no motivation (but I absolutely still do reviews).

Do you’re reviews no matter what.


That sounds very helpful. Sorry I am new to this, where is the pink apprentice box?


Ok got it!! This was very helpful thank you.


Ohhhhh I found it, way down at the bottom! :sweat_smile:

I’ve just managed to get my reviews down… now that I checked my apprentice box is at 31.

Great thank you so, so much. I will be guided by this.


Here’s a bit about how the math works out between the review and lesson count, and how you can build a basic schedule based on a target review workload: Level 4 advice - #39 by sclu1034


Oooo thanks so much, that is super, super helpful!

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I was going to reply (well actually I am…) but I would have just said exactly the same thing :slight_smile:


I personally strive to do as many as I’m allocated (which isn’t a whole lot at level 2). I fail quite a few (especially the vocab), but I keep persisting and I’m slowly inching my way forward! I find that repetition really helps me.

I do a strict 16 lessons per day with strict timing (lesson between 7-9h, first review between 11-13h (1pm), second review between 19-21h (7-9pm)).

This give me about 120-150 review per day (depending on accuracy and if you count the lessons as review).
This is manageable, but this is my second playthrough, so my accuracy is pretty high:

My forecast is as follow (haven’t done my second review session for today lessons yet, and nether third / fourth session for yesterday and yesteryesterday items, so keep that in mind):


On another topic, would I recommend doing a second run from level 1? Seeing my accuracy, no, I wouldn’t, even if it’s 3 years after first completion.

Even now, I generally do around 15 lessons per session, and maybe 2 sessions per day, where I may skip adding lessons at some session. I do reviews first. If no review, I might also not do lessons.

Nonetheless, I don’t force myself to finish reviews. Rather, I try not to do too few reviews. Also, my review has native ordering of Lower levels first (Settings >> App).

Maybe around 50 reviews per session. (Well, not now. I am coming back from vacation mode.)

IMO, review count is carefully looked at only to some extent. Maybe take forecast into account too. Apprentice and Guru dictate forecast to some level (excluding to-be-Burned).

Yeah, this is my second run, and WaniKani is relatively easy, but taking in a big count is tiring nonetheless.

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from early levels to this day I pay attention to my apprentice, keeping it below 100. Then I do 5 lessons.

From yesterday last batch of reviews I ended with 102, so no lesson for today.

Doing everything I can to not overwhelm myself at this stage.

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I try to do 10 lessons each day, and have been doing so since level 3.

I’m currently level 4. I try to keep my Apprentice volume around 50 when adding new items/lessons. This does mean that there are occasional days I don’t do any new lessons. Any more than 50 and i just don’t have the mental space. (I work full time and have to keep my house together. Plus my other hobbies/interests take up brain power!)

After i level up and finally get to the new batch of radicals, I’m willing to add enough of those to get my apprentice volume over 60. Less to remember with those.

In case it’s helpful, I’m also very slowly learning some grammar with bunpro, I’ll occasionally do reviews on KaniWani, and I started watching YouTube videos on grammar or just featuring someone speaking Japanese (with subtitles) to see if I can pick out any words.

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For me, it depends. I usually try to get my lessons down to 0 before getting a new batch of lessons. (i.e. when I guru the radicals of the level I’m on or finish the level.) I also try to spread the lessons out evenly between days, so I usually end up doing 20-25 lessons per day. Some days, I get lazy, and how to make it up by doing 30+ lessons on later days.

I saw someone mention that if you get all your reviews right, you see each card 8 times. I figured move that up to 10 for failure/very easy math, and then if the review load I can handle per day is ~100, do 10 lessons a day (or 15 for 150 etc).

Depending on your accuracy tweak those #s a bit but its a good rough estimate for me. (I also never do new lessons if I have pending reviews, so that helps auto adjust down if I have too many reviews)