How long should it take to get guru on a lesson?

i know i wont be getting guru immediately. im new to the website so i just wanted a general idea

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Three to five days, generally. Depends, of course, on how accurately you answer your reviews.

Nifty chart.


3D was changed to 2D tho. And instead of 24h it’s 23h I believe.

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Pretty sure that is only for the introductory levels, to help speed things along at the beginning when you don’t have guru / master items from previous levels to review in conjunction with new items.

thanks :writing_hand:

No, it’s for all of them. That’s why you can complete a level in less than a week (though only by hours) these days.

4+8+23+47 = 82

82*2 = 164

164/24 = 6.83 days for a lesson (roughly, might be off by an hour or two).

If the 3 day rule remained it would be impossible to complete a level in a week.


The intro levels have completely different timescales. The new minimum is a day faster than it used to be and it has been since like December.

It was a recent addition! Like for 2-3 months now, all items hit Guru 1 day sooner (except for radicals which were already a day quicker).

I should make an updated graphic that we can just post whenever somebody asks. Also, any time that it mentions days it is one hour less. So 4 months is actually 119 days and 23 hours.

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I think the graphic was rounding up an hour for simplicity’s sake. I was thinking of making an updated graphic myself (and I think I even offered to do so for WK when I emailed about changing it for the guide/FAQ. Should’ve done it then). You’ll probably beat me to it…

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In case someone else was thinking of the same question, please refer to the official and unofficial WaniKani guides to save yourself some time:

User guide: What is WaniKani? | WaniKani Knowledge

Unofficial FAQ:

Official FAQ: WaniKani Knowledge | What is WaniKani? How do I do this and that? What is life? Find the answers here.

The diagram posted above is from the first linked page and it is out of date.

:heart: thank you for this chart, really comes in handy! @alexbeldan

No problem. I pulled out straight from Wanikani’s… FAQ or something…

Edit: Keep in mind that it has been updated to quicker timings.

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