How long does it take to get to level 60? Doing everything available, everyday

You really should be utilizing other platforms though. I haven’t found anything yet that’s a perfect all in one for Japanese learning. To be fluent (business wise or other), you’ll have to learn a lot of grammar and culture. Tofugu’s articles are nice, but they aren’t substitutes for a platform that focuses on grammar. WK is good for learning kanji and that’s about it. The forums are what you make of them.

I’m not sure what kind of profession you’re planning on going into, but Japanese work culture can be difficult to understand and navigate, so I really recommend finding some resources to help with that as well. It ties in with language learning because you’ll learn there are phrases you can and can’t say to your boss and also how to avoid accidently angering your coworkers by doing something that’s normal in your culture but not in Japanese.

Here’s the ultimate resource list to hopefully help you find more ways to develop your Japanese knowledge :slight_smile:

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